Dark, candles

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by HushBull, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    wine, crushed and snorted.
    I feel lost and yet more centered than ever.
    Music too, my love.
    The only one at the moment.
    It's not the day.
    It's the tendencies creeping back again.
    It is a bit scary, but I know it well.
    The equilibrium comes back.
    I hope.
  2. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    Later, hopefully some luck.

    Most likely not, that usually doesn't sway in my favor.
  3. TheGanjaKing

    TheGanjaKing Newbie

    so explain to me how to crush and snort wine

    i like snorting things
  4. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    not so much the wine... symbolism mixed with the reality
  5. TheGanjaKing

    TheGanjaKing Newbie

    well what a let down this thread is
  6. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    and thus can be llife.
  7. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    I'm not so good on let downs, either way, what shall she do.
  8. Jaitaiyai

    Jaitaiyai Cianpo di tutti capi

    Same. [​IMG].


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