Dark and Lonely

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    It seems to him the world is dark, lonely, sad, uncertain
    Full of people who don't care, don't dare to care
    For anyone but themselves, to him the world is dark.

    He's always worried, worried about tomorrow, what will be
    What will be waiting for him...out there, what will everyone say
    He's always worried.

    Things aren't working out
    He tells himself time will give him what he wants
    But somewhere inside he knows: it's a lie
    Things aren't working out

    The problem is he has not come to find
    Find what everyone else has to smile about
    He doesn't know, know that he could be joyful
    He has not come to find.

    But he will, someday, sometime, he will find it
    He will, and he'll have something to smile about.


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