Dangerous Trees; To cut or not to cut?

Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by melody_megs, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. melody_megs

    melody_megs Member

    Arborists make their living from the select pruning of trees, and removals of, dangerous trees, dead trees, or sick trees. Some people find it cruel to cut any living tree and will fight it to the death, while some see the sense in removing something that is hazardous so a new tree may grow instead.
    Which do you agree with?
  2. freeinalaska

    freeinalaska Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Of course dead, dying or dangerous trees should be cut. To clear the dead or dying makes room for the other trees and is part of sustainable woodlot practices.
  3. CloudFlower

    CloudFlower Member

    Let me ask you though... is your life free of wood products. I highly doubt it, the human race is one big consumer machine. In order to truely fight the cutting of tree one must cut out anything used that is made of wood... or produced with the aid of wood. Which honestly is impossible.
  4. xexon

    xexon Destroyer Of Worlds

    I have no problem with selective cutting as long as it isn't an old growth tree.

    Build around it if you have to, but don't cut unless it is a danger.
  5. melody_megs

    melody_megs Member

    I believe wood is a sustainable resourse, so its always good to make way for new trees to grow where one was not doing well. Heritage trees die too and must be removed.Its sad but true. Wood is better than mining metal out of the earth. And wearing fur is better than creating pollution making artificial polymers.
  6. jneil

    jneil Member

    If it's a dying tree you could go ahead and cut it or just wait till a storm blows it down.
  7. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    here in the UK your council will pretty much chop any tree that anyone complains about regardless of the reason. I've seen several really nice old trees cut for daft things like dropping sap on cars, and god knows there not going to be planting any more in their place. We're really lucky that we can live in cities and still have century old trees outside our houses, but people want an easy life and fuck everyone else.
  8. The manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) with yellow-green apples is toxic. Never stand under one in the rain or eat the apples. The leaves can produce a rash like poison ivy. Avoid using the branches for fire wood, or that song "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" may take on new meaning.
  9. pushit

    pushit One jive Motha Fucka

    Unless the tree is dangerous it has no need to be removed, I don't care how bad you want to put in a new bank.
  10. dubsmiley420

    dubsmiley420 Member

    respect mother nature and she will respect you.
  11. 420UFO

    420UFO Member

    Why should mother nature make room for us? even dead trees can become homes for animals and are nice scenery. Build around the trees. Don't cut them down.
  12. I would like to avoid deforestation as much as possible however I do believe:

    dead or dying tree < healthy person

    420UFO trees make homes for people too and I feel picket fences are also nice scenery, how is that any different? As much as you don't want to admit it people are a part of nature too despite how horrible we can be at times
  13. 420UFO

    420UFO Member

    people have done so much damage and abused the earth so much its about time people should think about making way for mother nature not the other way around. If a person wants to build a mini mall over a forest that's fine, but if a tree is obstructing something, oh noes!:eek:
  14. try telling that to a hungry lion
  15. You can respect a lion by keeping your distance, knowing it to be a carnivore and all:rolleyes:
  16. DaveHT

    DaveHT Member

    Clear cuts are the way to go. Cut every single one. Seriously though, it needs to be somewhere in between but of course your poll has no options for anybody but the tree huggers.
  17. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    I don't know about where you live.. but here we are in Tornado Alley.. It is best to keep your trees trimmed or remove the ones that may be a danger if blown over by the wind.. Trees get old and the get brittle and snap.. We have had to cut some trees to protect our home.. dont want a stiff wind blowing a tree down untop of our kids while they sleep.. sometimes ya just gotta.. we use the wood for fuel.. except for pine.. can't burn that in a fireplace/woodburner.. so we use it for our bonfires when we congregate outside.... most of the wood that is harvested these days go to Japan or China as their trees are small and don't harvest mush wood.. I don't agree to clear cutting.. it has been horrible here.. devastating even to the wildlife..We use to live in The Piny Woods.. now there are barely any woods left, and the animals are beginning to come onto the farm to hunt.. we have lost several of our livestock to these hungry animals.. we sign petitions to stop the loggers, but it is overturned by progress.. I plant a few trees every yr to try and help the enviroment.. most flowering trees and fruit trees.. Here's to the Trees :cheers2:
  18. yellowcab

    yellowcab Fresh baked

    I absolutly love trees,but if they are sick or dieing then they must be removed.It is better to make room for new growth.I have worked both cutting and pruning trees of all types that grow around my area.We never take down a tree if it can be avoided,sick trees we try to heal through a variaty of ways I wont go into here.But every tree should be pruned every 7 or 8 years,its safer for those living around the tree and makes the tree stronger and heathy.:)
  19. blackcat666

    blackcat666 Senior Member

    i'm a mass murderer! i had four (4) trees cut down (murdered) last month. all four were dying due to drought stress. here in south centeral texas, u.s.a. we are in the worst drought area in north america at, this time; we in both the worst drought and heat wave since 1877 (that is no typo either... 18 motherfucking 77!)
    that is as far back, as offical records go here in san antonio.

    my parents planted all the trees that i had cut down. all four of those trees were from regions way, way north of texas. without one hell of a lot of water, they just could not live; nor, could they live during prolong heat wave either.
    i need to also mention, all the grass in my yard died too; again, the grass was from a far colder area then here.
    my parents, like the vast majority of people who live here, were too goddamn short sighted and dumb, to understand were they were living... STUPID, STUPID, STUPID PEOPLE!

    no way was i going to leave these trees standing!
    the city code compliance department is working MAJOR overtime right now, issuing citations and fines of $1,000.00 (u.s.a. funds) for each dead and dying tree standing on privated property PER-DAY!
    i paid $4,500.00 to have those goddamn trees cut down.
  20. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    Land of the free, lol.

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