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  1. HippyFreek2004

    HippyFreek2004 changed screen name

    Hey! So I'm a chubby girl...more than chubby....I'm 5'9'' and I weigh in at about 310...The strange thing is, I don't LOOK 310. I look at tops 240. And I'm not just deluding myself. This is what people have told me.

    Well anyway, I was crazy last semester. I was worried about gaining the freshman 15, but I didn't do anything different. I ate ok (I always have) except an occasional ice cream cone. I walked around campus but didn't do any strenuous, out of my way exercise. I lost around 15 or 20 pounds. I was at about 330 at the beginning of the semester.

    This semester, I've decided to be more active. But I don't want to exercise for the sake of exercising. I want it to be more productive than that. So I've decided to dance. I am enrolled in a belly dancing class and also am involved with university swingers. They teach swing dancing one night a week.

    So I will be dancing on Tuesdays for an hour and a half and Wednesdays for an hour and a half. As long as I don't change my diet too much and avoid splurging on oreos and stuff like that (not going to happen), do you think adding dance will be good? Should I be doing other exercise or is this a good thing for me to do?


  2. Sunnie

    Sunnie Jes-Jes

    I started raving last spring and I've lost a few inches since then.
    I go out dancing at least 2-3 nights a week.
    I love dancing. It's a great exercise.
  3. lace_and_feet

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    Great idea! Dancing, like swimming, flows so naturally and is one of the best exercises in my opinion. If you practice your routines on off days (when you don't actually attend the classes) then you'll get two benefits--mastery of the routines and an effective cardio workout. Have fun! :)
  4. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    i try to dance (just in my bedroom haha) a couple times a week...
    not only wil it help you be more fit but you will enjoy it.. it is def a positive thing!
  5. cutelildeadbear

    cutelildeadbear Hip Forums Gym Rat

    hmm boyfriend likes it when i dance...:X

    dancing is great, that is what kept me from gainning in college too. we would go dancing every weekend thursday night friday night and saturday night. even though we poured down the beer, we shook our groove thangs so much it evened out! :) better than playing beer pong (dumb!)
  6. Micha

    Micha Now available in Verdana!

    haha...i'd do that, but i always feel like an IDIOT when i dance..
    so i don't dance in front of people..
    i have no rhythm whatsoever :(
  7. dmgreen

    dmgreen ~Hugz 4 All~

    I love to rave so I go dancing alot. And after one night of dancing at the rave you can definatley tell that it is a work out! I LOVE IT!

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