Dalai Lama seeks the restoration of dialogue to bring back peace

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    The Dalai Lama has sought the restoration of dialogue to establish peace in Ukraine.

    Hope for Dialogue to Restore Peace in Ukraine | The 14th Dalai Lama

    The two world wars of the previous century which started in europe on the basis of military alliances killed more than a hundred million people and injured much more. Proper global leadership could have preempted such wars and conflicts , but unfortunately they were allowed to grow in size and scale reaching critical mass levels due to lack of the same.

    The third world war based on nuclear weapons can eliminate total nations and continents. World civilization will be regressed back to a few centuries till normality prevails again.

    Even the present situation has resulted in economic recession and hardship for the masses while the rich and powerful are insulated from it.

    Massive destruction of life and property happened in europe in the last two world wars and it is important to ensure that a culture of peace and nonviolence is created in europe to check the momentum of the past periods of brutality and violence which is threatening to reveal itself again.

    So it is important to rein in aggressive instincts and allow rationality and non-emotivity to develop so as to prevent worse case scenarios and ensure that best case scenarios are allowed to emerge instead.

    As Abraham Lincoln stated, 'Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?'

    Hence communication channels should be kept open with space for dialogue to resolve all disagreements.

    Global leadership not partial to any military alliances are the need of the hour to exercise sound judgement with respect to solutions that may bring peace and global progress in its wake.
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    Peace IS the answer, but both sides have to talk at some point.

    Destroying everything is not the answer, but how do you get them to listen?

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