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Discussion in 'Islam' started by xdianax, Aug 21, 2005.

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    I was visiting an Islamic site, http://www.islamicity.com/, and I clicked on a link to determine prayer times. You enter your city and it calculates when each of the five prayers should take place. I tested a few different locations, and some of the times seem very far apart, and hard to manage. For example, under London, it says the five times to pray are 2:40 am, 4:56 am, 12:04 pm, 3:57 pm, 7:11 pm, and 9:25 pm. Is it important to do these prayers at such an exact time, especially when they can be in the middle of the night or early in the morning? Do you go back to sleep after the Fajr morning prayer? :) I find this especially interesting because I personally have a great deal of trouble managing and keeping track of time.

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    Well, -as noted- they are calculated and thats why I usually wait a minute or two before praying or just look outside unless its foggy since these calculated times are based upon hadith from the prophet(peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) such as the one recorded by Imam muslim;

    “The time for Zuhr is from when the sun has passed its zenith and a man’s shadow is equal in length to his height, until the time for ‘Asr comes. The time for ‘Asr lasts until the sun turns yellow. The time for Maghrib lasts until the twilight has faded. The time for ‘Isha’ lasts until midnight. The time for Subh (Fajr) prayer lasts from the beginning of the pre-dawn so long as the sun has not yet started to rise..."

    Its not really that difficult to keep on track, especially when youve gotten use to it -it becomes addictive- so you just have to pray no matter what. Thats why I sometimes wonder how one can sleep without praying, (such as muslim women who do not pray when having their periods and after childbirth). Thats difficult for me to comprehend.
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    I can imagine that. I have this habit of praying before going to bed, and I find it impossible to sleep when I don't.

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