cutest member award

Discussion in 'Hip Awards' started by darthkacie, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. darthkacie

    darthkacie crazy diamond

    my vote goes to BunnySuit, forsure.
  2. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I cant choose just one..theres so many...and all for different reasons
  3. Bonkai

    Bonkai Later guys

    I'd like to nominate Aristartle, Cate8, Zilla, Dixie Pixy, NakedTreeHugger, and Piaf.
  4. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    I nominate myself for this award.

    Wait. No. I nominate myself for the too-modest award. Wrong category. My bad.
  5. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy Senior Member

    and Ghostlyric too.
  6. noela

    noela Members

    benji_the_hippie for sure :rolleyes:
  7. rambleON

    rambleON Coup

    lolz. thanks for the col. chukle out loud, br0

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Just So Happens I Have Already Written Out My 17 Page Acceptance

    Speech.....(what a coincidence).

    So Glen Will Not Be Caught Short For Words At The Ceremony.:D.

    darthkacie, May I Suggest That We Let This Thread Run For

    A While, Just To Get Your Hip Cred Up..:rolleyes:

    Then When You Are Ready,Just Give The Word, And You Can Present Me

    With The Trophy,On Live H.Fs T.V.:D.

    And May I Take This Opportunity, To Thank The Thousands Of H.F.s

    Members That Voted For Me.

    I Am Truly Humbled By Your Responses.:cool:

    Cheers Glen.
  9. rambleON

    rambleON Coup

    let's post a pic...we need substance. trumpets. pets. carpet. tar pit.
  10. seraphina

    seraphina Member

    that would be me!!

    and that noela girl a few posts above me is pretty damn cute too! :D
  11. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    What an ego !
  12. mrs_hendrix

    mrs_hendrix Member

    i nominate "lauramay" she's so purty!
  13. NightRose

    NightRose idiosynractic rose

    Oooh this is hard, you're all so damn cute...

    I pick red, cause I dig red-heads ;)

    and I wanna vote for hen too :cool:
  14. mrs_hendrix

    mrs_hendrix Member

    *votes for rose*
  15. wally m

    wally m 14

    other than the op i would only vote for about 95 others
  16. darthkacie

    darthkacie crazy diamond

    charmer :]
  17. Agreed. There are a lot of hot/beautiful/sexy females on here, but the "cute" award belongs to noela.
  18. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree Remain In Light

    I nominate the hippie 08 for all her love on the compliment chain, she's a sweetie
  19. Mr Kite

    Mr Kite Member

    Having only been a member for a mere 5 days,am I entitled to vote? Well,Im gonna anyway.Its Noela.
  20. lynzxx

    lynzxx Senior Member

    i second that :D ...

    . and Piaf .. u have the best sig pic ever

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