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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by danana, May 6, 2007.

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    just because i felt like sharing...

    No longer can i smile upon a happy ending
    Because the very idea that life ends in such perfection
    Leads me to lose all faith in the life that is my own
    And i end up doubting that i'll ever find such a well scripted fate
    My current situation points to a path other than such a true love, where all ends fair.
    If my life is how it is, then never will i find this pure happiness that's played before my eyes
    This story, this fairytale i'm hypnotised to believe is real, rules out any mistakes and misfortunes
    If this is how life should be, i must be the only one not following the rules
    Somewhere along the way i forgot my lines and now this happy ending that keeps getting forced in front of me seems further away than ever
    Maybe this isn't my movie; it is possible i'm just an extra and this time the happy ending just isn't mine?
    Or should i make a movie my own; the script, the events, the characters
    None of these shall be rehearsed;the lyrics will be improvised,everything that happens will be a suprise, i won't hold auditions, people will just come and go, and who knows
    Maybe someone will stay...
  2. Miss_Beatle

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    This is amazing.
    I absolutely love it.

    Great job =] !!
  3. Forget me not

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    A brill poem. I love it! Keep writing them!
  4. Jack Maundrell

    Jack Maundrell C.A.P

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    an actors point of view hmmm?

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