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Discussion in 'TV Dramas' started by kiss_the_cook, Feb 8, 2006.

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    is it just me or dose it fell like the show csi is only on tv to try and scare criminals from commiting crimes.

    ps.i now sell forensic concealment kits

    the kit includes

    (2) sterilised latex gloves in vacume sealed pack
    (1) sterilised plastic suit in vacume sealed pack
    (1) sterilised latex mask in vacume sealed pack
    (2) sterilised shoe covers with cardboard inserts(no tred patern) vac sealed
    (1) sterilised pair of gogles vac sealed
    (1) roll sterilised plastic tarp vac sealed
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    I saw something on TV, where a man killed his wife, and then took her body apart, and then, took a needle nose plyers and snapped off all her teeth, and removed the skin from her skull, so she couldn't be identified. He learned about dental ID and needing skin to do DNA testing from shows like CSI.

    However, after a year, her skull was found, and they got some DNA from the poor girl's skull, anyway. Still, he tried to avoid detection from what he learned on crime shows. Doesn't mean they shouldn't show them, just helps what you were saying.

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