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Discussion in 'Hip Business Network' started by WilliG, May 1, 2018.

  1. WilliG

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    What do you think about BTC? is it a bubble waiting to burst or a good investment?
  2. candys

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    As far as I now many people today have realized that crypto can be a serious business. I started investing in crypto not so long ago. Currently I try to follow the latest news to reduce the risks. According to experts of ICO Pulse , both coins are very popular but are developing in different directions. I read about it in article Bitcoin Cash vs Litecoin. These altcoins will become less similar, and who will prevail only the time will show.
  3. unfocusedanakin

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    Bitcoin and other cryptos are not going anywhere. In the next few years I think you will see them becoming a mainstream way to pay for goods or services. Tax agencies are much more interested in them than they once were. It's becoming a typical investment hassle to make sure they get their slice of the pie. But that also means cryptos are becoming accepted money.

    Bitcoin itself is not as practical for daily use because of the fees to transfer funds. For large transactions it might be worth it but there are many coins now. Ethereum is much cheaper to buy into right now for example and many think it has more potential than Bitcoin for actual use.
  4. Orison

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    Idk even know how this bitcoin stuff works. I aint got time for it.. however Id been using a miner every time Im away from my computer or tab, if I remember to engage it or else it does not mine.. ok. (checking account balance brb)
    5099 Verge (XVG)
    377.07 USD
    I dont know what the fuck this means. But its a real something like data something or something like data .. fuck if i know. .
    Ive the dimecoin wallet thingymadoo..
  5. wilsjane

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    Since they are not underpinned by any real value, to me they seem just like buying lottery tickets for a non existent lottery and hoping that the hype will allow me to sell them on at a profit.

    I am temped to introduce some Willscoins. only £1 each, anyone care to send me some of their hard earned money. Don't worry, you can always sell them on to another HF member for £1.20. I don't want them back once I have some of your real money in my bank account..
  6. Orison

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  7. tumbling.dice

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    So how do you buy pot with cryptocurrency?

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