Criss Angel Mindfreak

Discussion in 'Weird, Bizarre and Mysterious' started by Ironcore, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. gesone

    gesone Member

    Criss Angel is off-the-hook! He's way better than Blaine. Who cares if his work is rigged, afterall he is a performer and he's good at what he does so more power to him.
  2. skidrowgirl

    skidrowgirl Yeah, like I care.

    This thread is a little old....still, someone thought I should see it.
    And they were so darn right.LOL.
    Hey, I am the biggest freaking Criss Angel fan, and even I know what the deal is. I don't miss an episode, but I also don't buy about 90% of it.
    But, you bitches better believe that if I was present when he was doing that junk, I would sure act like I believed it.
    Put that camera on me and ask me what went down.
    I'd be like, "I don't know what just happened. We were standing here and this guy just came up and started floating or something...that shit was crazy."
    I'm full of shit like that, and anyone who knows me will tell you this very thing.
    Hell, I could be married to the guy, and if anyone asked me if it's real, I'd be like, "Oh yeah, it's real...he does that shit all the time at home." LOL.
    Actually, I'm so full of shit that if he asked me "Have we ever met before?" in front of the crowd, I'd have a little fun with him.
    I'd probably have to fuck with him and say, "Yeah, dude...We just met five minutes slipped me a hundred bucks and told me to just play along." :p
  3. sayanika

    sayanika Member

    Okay folks, I am a college student of 21. My hobby is to be a famous magician and I am trying to learn different kind of magic tricks. I want to learn perfect sleight of hand for card / coin magic tricks for per time. I am practicing from last 2 years but I haven’t seen any progress because I don’t get to proper practice. How do you proper learn that? Would you like to provide any reference? Thank you.
  4. ZeroxBleach

    ZeroxBleach Member

    He does ONE(not all) of his levitation trick by wearing a pair of pants with three legs. One leg has a shoe attached to it making it look like his foot is already in it, while he leg is actually propped up on a stoop in front of him then keeping the third leg and his other foot symmetrical to each other while balanced on his other leg.
  5. Raivin

    Raivin Member

    Well he is an entertainer and atleast most of his stuff is just illusions or tricks... Don't buy it that he does stuff like that with his mind... Only thing that might give him the name of a Mindfreak is that he makes stupid people think it is really real... I just don't buy it...
  6. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Come on now people; every trick (and I mean every trick) ever performed by David Blaine or Criss Angel has been exposed on Magic Secrets Revealed and Magic Street Secrets Revealed :eek:

    It’s fun to watch and hard not to smile in awe, but they’re tricks which anyone can learn [​IMG]

  7. No, I've seen how he does his "Levitation Tricks" it's quite simple really.

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