Creepy Weird Ass Songs/Videos

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by lobos82, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. lobos82

    lobos82 Guest

    Some weird shit I made about 8 years ago and recently added the slideshows so I could post to Youtube. Enjoy!"]Weirdest Music and Video Ever - YouTube"]Most Annoying Sound Created by Man - YouTube

    Dogs running backwards looks pretty crazy too, lol"]A Bunch of Dogs Running in Reverse! Super Trippy Looking - YouTube
  2. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens

    dogs running backwards ftw

    check cyriak
  3. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    i woudnt have looked otherwise.. haha. that was good..
  4. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    Creepy shit. I love it.
  5. lobos82

    lobos82 Guest

    Cyriak is amazing
  6. Justin_Hale

    Justin_Hale ( •_•)⌐■-■ ...(⌐■_■)"]IceJJFish - On The Floor (Official Music Video) - YouTube

    ^I actually like this song/video, lol.

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