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    Course Outline

    Week 1 - Intro to my Class and Ways I can Help You
    -My teaching method and intro of everyone
    -Get your juices flowing by using the Energy Method
    -Create your own writing fuel list
    -When Your Writing Even Bores You! (Writer’s Book of Days pg 64)
    -Top 10 Excuses (WBD pg 74-75)
    -Try Ideas (WBD pg 76)

    Week 2 - Exercises Pertaining To Your Life-Open That Door! Exercises due Week 4
    -Turn the Soil (WBD pg 79)
    -Ten Observations a Day (WTH)
    -Walk (WTH)
    -Songs to the Everyday (WTH)
    -Visual Archaeology (WTH)
    -Digging Beneath The Surface (WTH)

    Week 3 - Creativity. You Need Your Writing Fuel List for This Week
    -Enhancing Creativity with Writing Fuel
    -Using a Journal Entry
    -Writing Workshop (using Writing Fuel)
    -Making Tough Decisions Through Writing - The Rumble Beneath My Feet (WTH You don’t have to share this with the class.)
    -Writing Workshop (using Writing Fuel)
    -Saying Yes/No to the Muse (WBD pg 94-95)

    Week 4 - Beginning Exercises due Week 6

    -Incorporating Writing While Out & About (WBD pg 60, 67)
    -People Watching Project using The Education of the Eye: Staring (WTH)
    -Critic (WBD pg 77)
    -Avoiding the Truth (WBD 85)
    -Don’t Try to Avoid The Rocks (Writing Toward Home)
    -Incarnadine Seas (WTH Due Week 4)

    Week 5 - Guidelines to Writing Creatively
    -A Writer’s Date (WBD pg 23)
    -Fueling Creativity with a Partner (see what you can find out from someone else that you can use in your writing)
    -How Can You Tell Imagination is Present? (WBD pg 21)
    -Pay Attention/Write From Senses (WBD pg 28-29)
    -Snowbound (WBD pg39)
    -Authors Share (Anything you want to share-even if it isn’t from this class!)
    -Picking Up a Stone (WTH)

    Week 6 - Timed Exercises that Help You Silence the Inner Critic Exercises Due Week 8
    -Why Time an Exercise?
    -Pick a Fear (Playful Ways to Serious Writing pg 58)
    -Pick a Letter (PWSW pg 84)
    -Loose Lines (PWSW pg 88)
    -Pick a Character (PWSW 90-98)
    -Get Physical (PWSW pg 102)

    Week 7 - Branch Out From Normal Throw your rule book away!
    -About Language (WBD pg 50)
    -Café Writing (WBD 53)
    -Go Deeper (WBD 59)
    -Doors and Windows (WBD 62)
    -Pick a Line Out of a Novel
    -In Wandering Mazes Lost (WBD pg 87)

    Week 8 - Who Are You? Due Week 10
    -Let Writing Lead The Way (WTH)
    -Querencia (WTH)
    -Poetry Inside Us All (WTH)
    -I Could Not Tell (WTH)
    -Layers of History (WTH)
    -Digging in the Earth (WTH No due date for this-this is for personal use)

    Week 9 - Helping You
    -Improving (WBD pg 91)
    -Revising (WBD pg 93)
    -Writing Cycles (WBD pg 101)
    -Being Vulnerable (WBD pg 107)
    -Truth Versus Fact (WBD pg 99)
    -Honor Yourself as Writer (WBD pg 113)

    Week 10 - Share, Share, Share!
    -Author’s Share (anything you want!)
    -Writing Fuel Topic
    -Writing Workshop (Using one thing from this class)
    -Writing Fuel Topic
    -What did you learn from this class? Has it helped you?

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