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    Religion can't teach correctly why is there abomination. So check your biblical knowledge with own wisdom to get why God create certain ugly things you should wonder no longer on. Now check a certain reason to the ugly things...

    God's will been for creating abomination just after first creating the labyrinth.

    Why God create abomination? For an abominable enemy opponent.

    Why God create the labyrinth (which is a maze of hells of a cycle) first before creating an opponent? So the opponent will have first been put there before God enter courting His put risen labyrinthbound opponent in the battle which of course the opponent already been staying losing.

    Then it shall be (and it is) no enemy a creation by God could have ever gotten anything over on God.

    You are always better than your last work. So, know, God is not an abomination. And the opponent amongst in the world will not stop being what abomination it is. It's just how it is a creation by God. God will not ever let due nutts out the labyrinth. Sure God know what kind His creations certainly are in how He originally set His creations for being. After such He doesn't have to know or remember every of His creations, say, 24/7 or for ever and ever. Once you know a path of somebody you create, there is no need to keep knowing such somebody nor even if you will come and soup with them. You all think God watches all His creations? Ha! He doesn't have to. Plus, watch all His creations for what anyway? Tell me! The cape on you is how God got a foolish you not knowing why He been created "abomination"... It's serving the truth that God will not keep watch on all of everything or everyone on grand scale and will not even watch some things period.

    So my questions to you all is:

    1. What put it in your mind that God is watching every thing all and every one all? [​IMG]

    You must understand, you make God out an abomination by believing He is watching His "abomination creation" for ever and ever.

    2. What is the point in watching the abomination which is your opponent of both a being and things? [​IMG]

    You must understand, you will not beat an opponent which has the point it is to keep you DISGUSTED if can through if you will be keeping watch. It's a big line between what one can do and what one should do. Just because you believe God can do etc. doesn't mean it is so. An abomination serves the point and answer to why God doesn't favor nor need to keep watch. For God's foe would be being All-Watching. There is not an all-watching by God, so therefore there been of course no path of whatever going on not how set meaning in the battle God already stay winning over. His creation of abomination you are amongst here has been in hells first and going to hells now and goes fully back in hells' finalization when the non-abomination kind loose the seal on Satan (such non-abomination kind are) and then exit the courting for entering back Satan's authentically chosen individuality where no abomination may enter in any way (certainly not through detailing memory during being amongst abomination).
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    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    Note: All-Watching is All-Reguarding in all senses.

    Extra Question:

    3. Should God sense (see, hear, taste, smell, feel) what everyone all sense (see, hear, taste, smell, feel)? Why or why not?

    If you have a sense for what your created opponent is going to do next, then you do not already know what you created in course, says the fact you still must reguard currently. Plus, it means you aren't a wise creator along with the fact you make it hard for yourself, for ever and ever, as far as your attending-attention goes.

    You must understand, it is more than possible to know everything by course you put everything on without continually knowing everything during such course, whether or not, you're present. Concerning God. And you may get to knowing some things of that everything as though you never knew their course you put them on until you come to yourself. And even then, your recalling of a course you set out doesn't mean you need be presently reguarding (or knowing) what things are on such course you recall you already know you put. Why know a during of what you already know previous as far as its course goes? And do note the terms of stars, the moon, and the sun, in the bible, which hint how so things here are on a course God already know He put to why He certainly is not being All-Knowing. Surely an abominable opponent wants an All-Knowing God just so then the abominable opponent can make God feel as crappy as such opponent will make itself feel just to reach disgusting God. Again, once you know a path of somebody you create, there is no need to keep knowing such somebody nor even if you will come and soup with them. And technically, the All-Watch that the abominable opponent even think they have as means to plague God, they certainly have not! :p
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    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    Understand, God uses His hell creations against His abominable opponent creation before courting such, during courting such, and then finally after courting such. And God keeps His external creations far in journey far away from His authentically chosen, pure individuality which been (and is) better than both the here and now and this physical generation.

    Understand, the detail of the here and now and this abominable physical generation is only for the here and now... Implying: Abominable Watch pass away, Abominable Look pass away, Abominable Course Watch pass away, and Abominable Course Look pass away.

    Scream to God! He can't hear you. And you know none of your so-called relatives, which passed away, been ever watching you or looking down upon you from above. Detect any watching you or looking at you, and you know such is only the abominable being. It's only right the abominable creation has some seeing in an abnormal way with an abominable, paranormal eye until the labyrinth's hells' finalization.
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    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    Nothing better than creating only once a being which will not stop being abominable, so then you get to see how such being is doing when willing for abomining while then can not no way. It's like beating a video's 'cheating' cpu opponent, on high level, except with a living being being beaten instead. How up right in the head is such being which can not no way do own will while being beaten horrorably for ever and ever? Being cant even express an intention to keep on abominating if let out since never shall be let out after finalization. And the being cant unexist since a winner doesn't no way undo their past win. And you know a winner neither goes back to win what a winner already keep winning (knowingly, then unknowingly) how such an opponent being still losing is then unknown hence how a winning goes. Sure you may be a winner without even knowing you're a winner. It's like trophies... You know you should get past what occured in how you got it and should not be even seeing it to remember old thoughts again and again and again. No need to reconfirm you won in your own mind since that's like having to do it again imaginatively. You know, if you keep thinking it then it means it's taring you away from other things. Why allow something not relavent still have a linging affect? Dont worship past wins! Besides you know how it is when someone show you a plaque... It's like you can't feel good for something you didnt witness. So you dont actually care so-n-so got a plague of whatever accoplishment when it damn sure isn't revlavent then. You dont want to go to someone's house and be bothered with them showing you their college degree from 10 years ago. Get that peice of paper out of my face! LOL! I aint getting caught up in another's past dwelling when it aint revalent to what is upon currently.

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