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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by itripface, May 22, 2007.

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    well last thursday i took two hits of acid and it was okay but idk so i called my friend that night that had some shrooms so i bought 4 1/8s and i took about one and a half...i smoked a bowl and then it just hit me and i was done for i could feel it so strong and then i chilled in my bathroom buggin out in the mirror and then decided to go out and smoke more weed well i saw everything and my hearing got really sensitive (it was kinda windy) but hurt my ears...the most crazy part was when i grabbed sharpies and was drawing but it felt as if my arm wasnt drawing but my mind was and i was writing my thoughts....very intense high idk if i would want it all again
  2. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    Haha yeah.

    Did you take the shrooms when you were still trippin on acid? That shit is INTENSE.

    Next time just eat them alone, maybe smoke a bowl or two during the trip. Lots of fun, without the in-yo-face-intensity of eating shrooms and dropping acid at the same time.
  3. nesta

    nesta Banned

    talk about insane...i've read of some folks adding Tryptamine HCl or extracts of plants containing DMT and other tryptamines (both psychoactive and nonpsychoactive) to the substrate on which they grow their mushrooms and getting mushrooms several times the potency of normal shrooms!

    it can occur by either providing a greater abundance of precursors for the mushrooms to make psilocin, psilocybin and baeocystin with, or, as may be the case with some other chemicals, by providing substances which are simply metabolised into other orally active tryptamines not naturally found in cubensis.

    due to hearing this information, and the fact that i have yopo seeds, syrian rue seeds, and a few mgs of DPT, i'm considering adding a little something extra to the mix next time i try the PF tek.

    i've got a growbag and spores on the way, should be here tomorrow, and i'll just grow some normal mushrooms...but perhaps next grow i'll experiment a little! normally even inexperienced trippers use about 2-3.5g dried Psilocybe cubensis to get their desired effect, but one of the things i've seen regarding this practice claimed the mushrooms produced were so strong that a very experienced tripper was only comfortable with a dose of less than a gram!

    perhaps this will be a fruitful experiment!! (sorry for the pun folks!)
  4. u trippin man u gonna die on all that wtch. i myself like just shrooms i dont see the point of bein on anohter drug while one shrooms cuz they fuck me up
  5. nesta

    nesta Banned

    how poorly put.

    i'm sure you're on the honor roll.

    but, as a matter of fact, mushrooms contain several chemicals which are very closely related to neurotransmitters found in abundance in the brain, namely seratonin. adding DMT or 5-MeO-DMT to the substrate allegedly boosts the potency of the mushrooms, and for your information DMT is one of the most simple psychedelics known to man, and structurally very similar to psilocin and psilocybin. DMT is actually quite likely to be the safest psychedelic as well, and is unique in that it creates an incredibly intense experience yet is endogenous to many plants and animals - INCLUDING HUMANS. thats right, our bodies produce a drug which is just as illegal as heroin and LSD. there are no known instances of anyone having any physical problems related to ingestion of DMT or mushrooms. or acid, for that matter.

    DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is closely related to the unscheduled drug DPT (dipropyltryptamine) which has many of the same effects and characteristics of DMT. tryptamine is also found widely in nature and is the building block for many important substances found in plants and animals, and is infact the backbone of all tryptamine psychedelics (psilocin, psilocybin, baeocystin, LSD, DMT, DPT, AMT, 5-MeO-DiPT, i could go on and on, but it would be easier if you just looked through the TiHKAL excerpts on erowid

    many of these substances, when "fed" to the mycelium from which the mushrooms are born, will make the resulting mushrooms produce more of the substances already found in mushrooms, just at higher quantities. others are likely to be chemically altered slightly to produce other tryptamines, some orally active, some not orally active, and some perhaps not psychoactive at all. some tryptamines may end up in the mushrooms still in their original form and simply contribute to new effects not normally found in mushrooms.

    either way, so long as i don't add enough of any given substance to stunt the growth of the mushrooms, it should not be dangerous at all. it may end up NOT producing mushrooms of higher potency or with somewhat different than normal effects...or it may only be a slight increase...or it may multiply the intensity of the doses or give some markedly different effects.

    assuming i dosed responsibly (which i always do the first time i try a new batch of something) i've got nothing to worry about. it wont be physically damaging, and while its been a long time since i've tripped at all i have somewhere around 100 trips on NUMEROUS psychedelics under my belt, and i'm positive i'll be able to handle it. i haven't freaked out once, with the exception of two really intense experiences with salvia.

    also mushrooms aren't "a" drug. they're biological matter which happen to contain SEVERAL drugs - namely psilocin, psilocybin, baeocystin, and DMT (which unfortunately is not orally active without an MAO inhibitor) as well as the possibility of some small amounts of other tryptamines. adding something else to the mix, if done carefully and with doses significantly lowered for the initial tests, is not irresponsible so long as they aren't simply sold as normal but particularly strong mushrooms. these would be strictly for personal use.

    the ratio of psilocin, psilocybin, and baeocystin varies not only among the various species of psilocybian mushrooms, but also depend on the conditions in which they were grown, what kind of nutrition they were given, what flush the mushroom in question came from, etc. every mushroom you take is a DIFFERENT mixture of drugs. so boosting the potency or adding another physically harmless tryptamine to the mix is not particularly dangerous at all for someone who knows what they're doing.

    "i dont see the point of bein on anohter drug while one shrooms cuz they fuck me up"

    its not that i'm particularly keen on taking as many substances as possible at the same time. its rather the experience produced by the potential alterations of the mushrooms. mushrooms are a relatively weak psychedelic, particularly cubensis. of course eating an eighth or half an eighth will "fuck you up" but if i want to get "fucked up" i'll drink some good beers or smoke some cannabis...when i trip its not simply to get "fucked up," its to find new ways of thinking and perceiving the ways to view life, the world, our relationships with others, god....its to examine myself and my psyche, to detach myself from my possessions - right down to my ego. to rip myself out of ordinary existance and experience moments of divine inspiration and knowledge. to renew a childlike sense of awe and wonder, a true love for the world. i dont just want to giggle and watch cartoons (though thats fun on occasion too!) i want my experience to actually be worthwhile.

    not to mention i'm particularly hard headed when it comes to psychedelics. while i've tripped 100 times or more, remarkably few of them (less than half) involved visual effects, and most of these were either high doses (2C-E, mushrooms), substances that for some reason were simply quite visual for me (2C-B at normal doses) or with very profoundly effective psychedelics (DPT HCl, salvia divinorum extracts)

    i'm not "trippin" - i obviously at least have some idea of what i'm doing, how i'll go about it, why i want to, what i get out of the psychedelic experience in the first place (i'm not just some guy wanting to get "fucked up"), i have a sense of ethics and will not sell or distribute any altered mushrooms (or any mushrooms at all, in fact, its strictly for personal consumption in a safe environment)....

    i'm not "gonna die on all that wtch" {wait, what the fuck is wtch???}

    thanks for the concern if there was any actual concern to be had, though. mushrooms are great, and one of my favorite substances, but i seriously need 5+ grams to get me where i want to go. if i can grow much more potent mushrooms, or mushrooms with some additional, novel effects, then i'll be interested in giving it a whirl and seeing what i come up with. it would be nice to be able to eat a single mushroom or maybe two and actually need to lie down, close my eyes, and go with the flow instead of just stay up and smoke pot and geek out at the wierd shit in cartoons....i'd rather have a full blown psychedelic experience, you know?

    the doses most people take just make me feel really high in a really unusual way....i dont really consider it "tripping" for me. its fun, and i do it sometimes and its not without its own merit, but its not enough for serious exploration of the so called Inner Space....
  6. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    More power to you. The one time I tried ayahuasca I absolutely loved it, so I can see your interest there. I was reading up in the DMT forum on extraction, and I'm very tempted to try it sometime. Ayahuasca was just too amazing, and I'd love to completely blow my mind away by smoking the stuff at least once in my life.
  7. nesta

    nesta Banned

    you definitely need to purchase (or if they have it at your local library, check out) a wonderful book called DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman, M.D.

    its easily the very best and surprisingly least biased book i've read about psychedelics. Rick Strassman managed to work through the incredibly complicated channels of the FDA and DEA needed to get clearance to administer DMT to human test subjects in the early nineties, making him the first to legally administer a schedule I substance [in the USA] for clinical research in decades.

    the book isnt simply a bunch of trip reports, although a good portion of the book involves the stories of the subjects under the influence of IV DMT. it also deals with what led up to the experiments, his theories of possible explanations of the DMT experience, his thoughts on the pineal gland, the human soul, alien abductions, near death experiences, why a clinical setting is a terrible way to go about researching psychedelics, what the psychedelic movement of the 1960s and 70s did wrong and irresponsibly, parallel universes, why modern medicine is failing us in this area of research, and his follow up experiments with psilocybin. the few illustrations that exist, and the book cover, are done by alex gray. its a fascinating book, but be forewarned its definitely more like a text than a novel. the stories of the patients are fascinating, and one of the most enjoyable parts of the book, but they are not the entirity. its amazing how many recurring themes seem to pop up in the DMT sessions!

    i'm anxious to try ayahuasca myself sometime, but i'm really super nervous about taking the MAO inhibiting drug. i really hate getting sick to my stomach, and am not a fan of either vomitting or diarrhea....but not everyone experiences those side effects, as far as i know. still, its a likelihood.

    but yeah, you should surely check out this book.
  8. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    I have that book, and hes right, it is definitely worth picking up. Very interesting and informing read.

    Sadly, I have never tried DMT though.
  9. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    Yeah, I've heard nothing but good things about it. I had no idea it went into that much, though. I'll definitely have to pick it up.

    As far as not everyone getting sick (I assume you're talking about the purging) on ayahuasca, well, I'm not so sure. The purging is actually one of the most rewarding aspects of the trip. The direction of the trip changes dramatically when it occurs, and it seriously feels like you begin a healing process with yourself. I think the purging aspect is why so many people turn to ayahuasca for self-help or spiritual reasons, really. Plus, if you don't purge, I think it makes for a somewhat shitty trip. For some reason it just gives the trip bad vibes. It's similar to being naueseous on something like morning glory and not throwing up, I suppose.

    I suppose the MAOI can be a little sketchy, but if you just make sure to watch what you eat beforehand and after, it's not really a big deal. I don't really think it's that risky if you aren't an idiot about it.
  10. nesta

    nesta Banned

    right. a lot of people have given it a bad rep because in the wrong hands it CAN be VERY dangerous...but a little common sense and a lot of caution go a long way, and it is in fact incredibly safe if used properly. come on, many, many people use yage currently and many thousands more have in centuries gone by...and none of those around today who use it regularly for religious purposes show any ill health associated with it.

    i can understand the positive aspects of the purging, but it still puts me off. i really want to try ayahuasca, but i understand being ready for any new psychedelic is of tremendous importance, and will abstain from using this sacrament until i know i'm as ready as i'll ever be for everything that it may offer me, including the purge.

    a question: i've heard horror stories about the diarrhea and/or vomiting from ayahuasca lasting a long time, as much as two your experience was it like this, or was it more like most psychedelics where if you do get sick its a single experience that lasts a brief time and does not bother you again for the rest of the trip? just curious as to your personal experience.
  11. nesta

    nesta Banned

    heres an unauthorized excerpt i typed up the other night after a couple beers:

    just for a taste of the writing style
  12. nesta

    nesta Banned

    sorry, the computer was being insolent and wouldnt let me indent my paragraphs with either the tab button or by adding spaces in the beginning in that quote. oh well.

    not the most interesting part of the book either, but what i planned to do with the quote was different from what i ended up doing with it (posting in this thread)

    the quote itself deals little with DMT or any of his more radical notions he brings up, but rather deals with the early stages of the process of getting permission to conduct his research legally. specifically, (as if you can't read it yourself) why psychedelics were banned in the first place and how they fit into the scheduling system. i find it interesting because its unbiased in that regard, for the most part....doesnt pull the "psychedelics are physically safe so why are they in the same schedule as heroin??" bullshit, it offers legitimacy to all parties.

    congress had good reason to ban psychedelics, but there were negative consequences to it as well. because of the out of control antics of leary and his cohorts, psychedelics were being widely abused in an irresponsible manner even in an ivy league reasearch setting!! how could congress allow such reckless pseudo-research to go on unabated by placing LSD and such in schedule III or even schedule II, making it relatively easy for certain people to get their hands on them?

    of course today is different, and i believe researchers would be far more responsible than leary. on the other hand the psychedelic movement at large is dead. you have PLENTY of kids on low doses of psychedelics just for fun because they want to get "fucked up" but its rare to find legitimate psychedelic enthusiasts with any sense. they seem to congregate on the internet, however. they exist, but they are the minority of psychedelic users, and psychedelic users these days are a minority of drug users, and drug users are a minority of the total population! its a sad state of affairs for those that still have Faith, but its a fact. its also a fact that reckless behavior in the early stages of the movement at a particularly trying time in world history has greatly damaged the reputation and legitimacy of the movement.

    i dont blame leary entirely. at least he had some good ideas, some good books, and learned a lot about the psychedelic experience. far less damaging than ken kesey, in my opinion. however, while i have a certain fondness and respect for leary's part in the movement, he was greatly detrimental to our cause. neutral in terms of respectability, he is neither a monster or a hero in my view, but certainly greatly influential.

    i really think rick strassman could potentially be a modern day leader in the psychedelic movement. a visionary, even, which i think you'll agree with when reading the end of his book. unlike leary he doesnt overestimate the average human being's ability to understand, cope with, and learn from the psychedelic experience. he bluntly points out that psychedelics are a tool, a vehicle, not the end, and that they are not inherently beneficial or destructive...they CAN be useful, when used properly.

    anyway....i'm rambling hardcore, so its time to get done with it :p
  13. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    Haha, between the last two pages, I think you wrote the equivalent of a small novel :p

    It's all good though, I look forward to reading your posts as you clearly have spent a great deal of time using/researching psychedelics and are of on the more intelligent users here :)

    Back on topic, I would love to try DMT, but I am not sure I am ready, thus I will wait. The kind of drug that can shatter your perception of reality, and show you profound, life-altering experiences with alien beings or a higher power is not one you take until you are 100% ready, and to be quite honest, I doubt I'll be there for a while. Though I have read much about it, the true scope of what that can do to the mind is beyond me. A few years of occasional psychedelic drug use has made me appreciate reality that much more (note I have only used mushrooms, LSD, and various extracts of salvia), and I'm neither ready nor willing to try something of the calibre of DMT.
  14. nesta

    nesta Banned

    i totally understand. personally, however, i think i'm finally getting to a point where i think i'm ready for DMT, though i probably ought to start using salvia occasionally again....not that they have particularly similar effects, just that the experiences are both so incredibly intense....basically just being ripped from normal reality and thrown into a whole different realm. while i've not taken proper DMT in a large enough dose to really trip, i definitely get the feeling it would be a bit more easy for me to handle than some really heavy salvia trips....i've a special place in my heart for tryptamines, while salvinorin a just feels so incredibly.....alien....frightening at times. of course i realize DMT will be very alien and potentially disturbing, too....but...well, i can't express it better than i have so i won't try any more.

    honestly, i think i'm ready to try DMT...but first i'm going to have a few more goes with mushrooms, and at higher doses than ive taken before. i think my highest was something around 6g....5g dried weight will be my starting point when i get my mushrooms finally, and it will go up from there, hopefully with my second dose being a full quarter. i'm also considering trying my DPT again or else using it in the substrate in hopes of growing the enhanced mushrooms i've read about, though i'm not entirely positive i believe it will work, and would be somewhat scared that the DPT wouldnt work in the same way as DMT and tryptamine HCl allegedly do. i've got some salvia, and actually i'm thinking of trying it this afternoon, once my belly is no longer so full of steak and sweet potatoes and broccoli....

    i dunno. i definitely am anxious to get back into the world of psychedelics, but can have an overenthusiastic personality when it comes to such things, so i need to be careful and pace myself.

    i've not had much experience with mescaline cacti myself. if you're looking for a new kind of psychedelic experience, perhaps thats a good way to go. perhaps its a good way for me to look, too.
  15. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    I am not too familiar with the process of growing mushrooms- I have only done it three times, using the beginner friendly PF-Tek, and the first time with only limited results. So I'm not entirely sure about enhancing your substrate with DPT, though I too have read it can up the potency a great deal, so hey, it sounds like its worth a shot.

    I agree with you on the salvia thing... Salvia is so blatantly fucked up and strange its not really enjoyable in any way to me, in fact I've never had what you would consider an "enjoyable time" on salvia. I only use it very seldomly to see what it shows me, and try to make some sense of it, though I usually never have much luck. That has terrified me enough, so I think its safe to say alien encounters would be way out of my league. I too am enthusiastic about trying new hallucinogens, but I always make sure I do it safely, and know whatever it is I am taking VERY damn well before I do. Like I said, if I'm not ready, I'm not ready. I'm in no rush, and if I go in unprepared, it could have potentially serious effects on my psyche, so its just not worth it yet. Its on my "things to do before I die" list however.

    I have been reading up on mescaline also. It is definitely my next experience whenever I choose to dive deeper into the world of psychedelics.
  16. nesta

    nesta Banned

    my most incredibly mystical and awe inspiring trips have been with salvia, as well as the most terrifying and unsettling. its something to be respected, certainly.
  17. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    Caution is always your friend, and I'm sure treating the drugs with respect is the way to go :) .

    In my one experience with ayahuasca, I had a feeling of nausea, pain, and terror before the purge. This lasted for maybe 30-45 minutes, at which point I absolutely HAD to throw up. I actually ended up barging in on one of the other guys in the bathroom, lol. It was kind of hard to think at the time :p. I basically just threw up (which was an interesting experience) and had an amazing trip for the rest of the night. It's seriously like going from night to day. I'm sure it's -possible- to get the shits from it, but I didn't even have an upset stomach. For me it was mostly just like a motion sickness feeling (accompanied by the negative vibes) and then throwing up (which didn't take long at all). I wasn't even slightly naeuseous the rest of the trip!

    EDIT: Oh, and I just thought I'd throw it out there that ayahuasca supposedly isn't quite as intense as smoked DMT. For me, it was like having the trippy visuals of acid multiplied in intensity by about 10 times. Everything was much brighter, least after the purge. It was just like intense blasts of visuals. I got a -slight- hint of communication with some overseeing being of some sort, but nothing like what I've read about with smoked DMT. I experienced ego loss once during the trip when I put on some of those light refraction glasses (the nerdy ones that have the prism effect on light sources). As soon as I put them on I forget who and where I was and was just floating in space with tons of stars and planets and such all around me. It was pretty awesome :) .

    I would say the trip was VERY similar to acid, but to a much greater extreme. Imagine taking a whole shitton of acid but not having the weird body load or paranoia that comes with taking that much. That's the best I can do to describe it. My thoughts raced SOOOOOO fast, too. I tried SO hard to talk to this guy that was just high on weed there, and I seriously couldn't even get out more than two words. By the time I finished the first word I would have already moved about 10 thoughts past that. This ended up with me just laughing uncontrollably every time I tried to talk :p.

    So anyways, if you can handle decent doses of shrooms or acid I'd say you're ready for ayahuasca (but maybe not smoked DMT). Hope that helps :) .

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