Crazy high times.

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by thahead420, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. thahead420

    thahead420 Member

    In this thred I want to know your craziest high experiences. Please don't incluse anything about RUNNING from the cops, the cops can be there but there are already threds about running.

    On my friend's 17th birthday we decided to camp out in his grandfather's woods connected to one of his fields. So we get there and there are about 10 trucks out there that our friends drove out there. We light a fire and a blunt (we had about 1 pound with us combined to smoke) and we start passing the blunt around the fire, we were all drunk as hell too.
    So about 3 hours later we are still smoking and all of a sudden we hear a gun shot! We looked up on the big ass hill you have to go down to get where we were and we see the outline of a person standing with a rifle pointing up in the air in the headlights of a truck that drove up. Then we see a a car pull beside it and a spot light shines down on us from the driver side door (you know what that is, COP!). We are all scattering trying to put all the shit into our bags we had. Then we hear " Justin! What the fuck are you doing down there?!"... It was my friends grandpa and he called the police! Justin went up the hill and we could hear him talking to his grandpa tryig to explain what we were doing while we got into our cars and tried to get the hell out of there. But the truck and cop car were blocking the path and we couldn't get by until the cop searched every single truck out there... they didn't find anything because it was all in Justin's truck and his grandpa stopped the cop before he searched it.
    Well, what happened was Justin asked his dad but not his grandpa if we could do it and his grandpa had no idea we were there. His grandpa said he was about 30 seconds from shooting at us but the cop pulled up and when he shined his light down there he knew who we were. That night was really fucked up.
    I will write some good times I had later but my hands are tired now lol, leave your stories here too.
  2. The_Javican

    The_Javican Member

    hahaha, one time, me and my buddies were smokin' a bowl right next to our school at like 1 am. we hear that, "WHOOP!" sound of a cop car, and about a second later a car comes around the corner. as he starts pulling up we hear, "we got a 420 on our hands..." NO KIDDING, there was a bunch of us, we varyfied it. but anyway, a couple of my more noob friends get super paranoid and boot it away. one cop gets out of the car and runs after them (we've all run away from cops before, we all can do it pretty easily). the other runs up to us and starts flashing his flashlight in out eyes and starts asking retarded piggie questions, "you boys smell like grass", "you trippin son?" but i'm like, "thank god you showed up, my friend got some weed, and he was trying to convince us to smoke it. but we all wouldn't, so only (fake name) and (fake name) smoke some. then all a sudden they started saying stuff like, my hands, my hands! then you showed up, and they ran off!" he asked us if we knew where they lived or their phone numbers or what schools they went to, but we said we didn't know. got away free :) ( i had 13 grams of the BEST weed on me too)
  3. thahead420

    thahead420 Member

    Damn.. that does suck. I haven't smoked in so long, I just smoked a raoch of perp and a cigerette and I am pretty fucked. That was a great story dude. I was into it deep hahahaha...
  4. whats perp i gues im not a pothead
  5. thahead420

    thahead420 Member

    Purple weed, it is a very high KB. It is sometimes purple in color but other times it can be totally white. It taists like fruit loops when smoked... oh yeah, fruit loops. Taists more like fruity pebbles to me...
  6. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    Hehe one time i was smoking with some people, and i was really high but we were still passing the whip around (from a vaporizer) and the chick next to me was taking a hit and she farted! haha i fell on the ground laughing. that was my story
  7. tculi

    tculi Senior Member


    alright ive got a story. me and three others were by my high school in a little section of woods and we were smoking out of my bong. we smoked a lot of this ganja something like 15 bowls or something, i kinda lost count. after like an hour and a half we left and got in my friends car. we had all the windows open and peace frog by the doors blasting. then we hit a tree.
  8. kokoyo112

    kokoyo112 Member

    heh nice...

    I think that would be hilarious when high.. But.. What happend to the car.
  9. I went skateboarding with my friends. And we skated this one spot. Then as we were goin to another place to skate my friend who was drivin lit up a joint in his car. So we were smoking and this fuckin cop sees us run a stop sign while I was smokin. We passed the joint around to try to get rid of it and finally I just stashed it in his car. The cop stopped us and gave us a ticket and had no idea about the joint. I was just sitting there watching the cars go by and they looked like they were goin so slow. Then we went and skated. It was tight.
  10. tculi

    tculi Senior Member

    i was kinda laughing, but my friend who was driving kind of went nuts because the car made like a u around the tree, and it was totalled. he hasnt gotten a new one yet
  11. The_Javican

    The_Javican Member

    ok, this one time we got really baked and we're chillin in this forest (it was fall) and breakin down bunches of dead trees to make a fort. after we were there for like 2 hours (we never stay in one spot for more than an hour usually now), all a sudden we see like 3 cops walking down the path, and they had a DOG! so we fuckin booted though this forest, we got over a fence and the dog couldn't... and the piggies here spend most there time at timmy's so they aren't even difficult. hahaha, but yeah, my buddy had to carry our bong is his back pack for like 20 minutes of running, whata trooper:p
  12. there's a small patch of forest near a neighborhood near where i live i don't drive so me and a friend walked there. there is a steep a long hill cover in trees and brush the leads to this forest so me and Ryan walk down and spot a huge tree right at the base of the hill. so we step right behind it and lite a j i had another in my pocket. we smoke about half of it when we hear this voice "aw fuckin' hell!!" and there at the top of the hill is a sheriff wide brimmed hat and all with his pant leg caught on something. "shit shit shit" i whisper to Ryan. he ask me what is it loudly and i scold him with a stern look. "it's a fuckin' cop walking tward us you fucktard" i shout in a whispered tone. "should i put this out" he said in a rather dull tone. "WTF do you think" i then chunk the roach in to the stream about 5 yards away and swallow the unlit joint whole.

    we continue to press ourselves against the base of the tree. silence fills the forest for a unknowable amount of time as fear keeps me from looking around the tree to the the advance of doom down the hill. evenly my inner fortitude returns and i swing my head around the trunk to see.

    oh thank gawd i say aloud

    apparently the cop couldn't see us and didn't care to look because he walked back up the hill got into his cruiser a took off.

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