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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by chris, May 15, 2004.

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    The dream starred Hayden (a friend i just went to a card game(cyberpunk) game with) and me and someone I don’t know. It was insanely lucid and real, the realist and longest ive ever rememered.

    First scene is in school where Hayden smokes a cigar in the hallway. Other stuff happened at school that I can’t remember. Hayden doesn’t smoke. Also at school i remember being forced out of hte lunchroom and in the hallway someone beat me up and the school guidance counselor didnt notice, apparently too senile.

    Then I go to Hayden’s church service. Here, for some reason, for the church service Hayden turns on some loud popular music. Some other weird stuff happens that makes it seem unchurchlike. However it is in a church. I am standing near the front. I walk back and start talking to someone. Then some guy pulls out a gun and shoots my neck.

    I am on the floor twitching. I am dying. I think about God and say I love him because I have a fear of hell even though I don’t believe in it or him. I think about how that sucks because I’m about to die. I think about the girl I like.

    Then I see the person I was talking to, in a car. He was moving to another state and was going to go in therapy because apparently he was in shock for what he saw. I got the feeling my brain was giving me my last moment of life as a vision of the result of my death. The car pulled up at a house. I walked into the house.
    | >>| >>| >>|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
    | >>| >>| >>|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
    ------------------ <---hallway>>>>>|
    | >>| >>| >>|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
    | >>| >>| >>| >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
    >>>>>>>>| >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
    >>>>>>>>| >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|

    ( -- and __ and | are horizontal and verticle walls FD is front door)

    I walk in the front door and look around. I walk down that hallway to the end and go to my left. Two people are standing in it. Some semi large boy around my age and a little girl who apparently is his sister. The boy seems like the guy I was talking to at church, but I'm not sure.

    | X>>>>> |
    | x>me >>|

    (X and x are the people, me is me, D is door)

    He shoves his hand to my throat and starts choking me and I go up in the air. I get the feeling he is a demon, one of the rare souls that left hell. I manage to break his arms off and get out of the room and he tries to open the door. However he applies less and less energy to get through the door and after a minute he doesn’t try to get out anymore. Then I wake up.

    The whole dream was intensely lucid, completely real. I woke up recently with a racing heart and drenched totally in sweat. I woke up very scared. I’m writing at 4:50 am; I don’t want to forget the dream.

    p.s. if it means anything the album i was listening to as i fell asleep around 11 or 11:30 was Animals by Pink Floyd and the album that was playing during my dream was Relics by pink floyd

    pps does anyone have any thoughts on its meaning? forgot to ask
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    Are you and Hayden about to (or have just begun to) take different paths in life?
    The begining of the dream seems to suggest that you are feeling like Hayden isn't the person you used to know (he was smoking in the dream, but doesn't really smoke; for some reason began to play popular music at the Church).

    Do you have something you've been wanting to say to Hayden? Or perhaps you feel like you are living or fulfilling your destiny.
    I say this because of the man shooting you in the neck, and then later getting choked.

    Hayden in the dream may actually be Hayden, or he could be representative of your "real" world as you know it. So, maybe what you need to say or do isn't really to Hayden, but to the whole world. Meaning, if you are going to begin living true (or truer, I don't mean to imply that you aren't living true, I'm just going off what I'm getting from the dream), that its not really about Hayden, its about letting the whole world know you.

    And on a side note, listening to Animals while falling asleep can pretty much guaruntee weird dreams ;)

    Hope this is at least remotely helpful.

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