Covid in the UK

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by phil1965, Nov 25, 2020.

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    I am rapidly getting sick of all that is going on and also becoming convinced that the powers that be do not have any clue how to deal with the situation and only care about the wealthy.
    You cannot visit a sick relative, or have a drink with friends, or even have a decent wedding or funeral, but they are planning to allow football matches to be opened again, the reason, football matches make money, the other events don't.
    We can have a get together at Christmas, but we will probably have to pay for it with lockdowns in January.
    I can't go to Wales in my caravan, but I can fly abroad and people from abroad can come here, more spreading of disease!
    Britain is the laughing stock of Europe and possibly a lot of other places, we are an island, if we'd had a lockdown originally with borders closed, nothing in or out, then we'd have had a grip on this by now. we have a border created by the sea, people cannot just walk into the UK like they can into say France, Germany or Italy, we had the best chance and bungling Boris and his bunch of loony's blew it.
    Unless they are going to get properly serious, close borders, stop people entering or leaving the country we may as well just pack it all in and go back to normal and take our chances.

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