could you tell me how many chinese here?

Discussion in 'China' started by leave loves per time, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. i think this is a foreign web site ,but i see some chinese here .
    i want to know if many chinese here.
    could you tell me ?if you live in china ?
  2. JayJ

    JayJ Member

    Not chinese, but live in HKSAR (damn, I think I've mentioned where I live in nearly every post in this forum hahaha)
  3. Pollux

    Pollux Member

    I am not chinese but belgian. I live in Jiangxi Province in Xinyu.
  4. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    I live 50 miles outside Vancouver BC, and Chinese is the no. 1 most spoken at home language in the metro Vancouver area. Chinatown in Vancouver is pretty cool. And Richmond, it is Chinese. There is a mall I go to there to eat lunch sometimes, and all the storesigns, etc. are in Chinese, there is no English at all. Its awesome.
  5. aaron

    aaron Member

    I am a Chinese, a typical Chinese, precisely. ---------I am very proud of being a Chinese.
  6. mosade

    mosade Member

    I am Chinese . I live in xi'an but my hometown is Gangxi province !
  7. mitchayu

    mitchayu Member

    lol~live in ningbo~
  8. lunatic

    lunatic Member

    I'm Chinese.. not from China, but Singapore
  9. joyce

    joyce Member

  10. The chinese people, this question is of the the FUCK DO YOU SEE?
  11. aaron

    aaron Member

    Chandra Hottie, what the fucking are you talking about?
  12. SaintEd

    SaintEd Member

    Malaysian chinese here! never thought there are some other chinese in this forum. surprised!
  13. rEaLHamlet

    rEaLHamlet Member

    so many Chinese.
    living in Beijing.
  14. SaintEd

    SaintEd Member

    yea,i wish to hv nice chat with u guys,add me in msn,
    hope someday i do hv a chance to visit beijing or other places! :)
  15. wanderer

    wanderer Member

    I'm not chinese, but I can speak mandarin and I have lived and studied in China.
  16. Bowlblaze

    Bowlblaze Member

    Same, I taught English in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.:)
  17. Jedi

    Jedi Self Banned

    Hi I want to be chinese, or atleast want to have a chinese girl friend haha . :D

    where do you want me to sign?
  18. flyinghigh

    flyinghigh Member

    i am a chinese from hunan province ///////////
  19. joyce

    joyce Member

  20. deniala

    deniala Member

    i know why there are so many chinese here
    because the netspeed of is very very fast in china
    though there are also many other forums but most of them are very slow to connect
    am i right

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