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  1. Hey everybody! I have a question about growing. So school's almost done, so that means in like 1-2 months I'll be back home having my summer fun, but I had what I thought was a pretty decent idea. What if I started growing (outdoors) up at school right now (or whenever weather is suitable) by germinating the seeds and putting them in the ground and tending to the young plants for the time I have left up here? Would it be at all possible to get even a little plant when I come back to school in the fall term? I mean I'm going to do it either way cause I don't have anything to lose; if I get a plant, awesome, if I don't, oh well I'm growing over the summer.

    So what I want to know is how long before plants become kind of independent? I leave in May and I get back in August (end of August) so yeah any input is appreciated!

    And if anybody here has tried something similar, tell me what happened to you!
  2. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    It's all possible but growing is alot harder then you assume it to be, espiecally outside.
  3. No believe me, I know that growing isn't just a "plant it in the ground and watch it grow" deal. I've read rangerdanger's guide for guerilla growing and I am going to be tending them for a solid month and a half before leaving. I know it's not likely and I plan to make a trip once every 3 weeks back up to see how it's doing (my 2 growing partners will do the same on alternate weeks). So yeah this isn't going to be something that I think will work, I just wanna know if I have a chance at all.
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    Well it will probably grow, once when I was 14 I just threw 20 seeds in this forest area in april and then when I came back in september there were about 3 little plants. A few buds actually, I got about 3 grams dried.
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    haha where are u planning to hide it so the teachers and lawn workers dont find it
  6. Be aware that the summer is usually when the grounds keepers are at their height. They do most of their renovations and such during the summer when kids aren't around. This generally means they will see a lot more of the grounds (most of the good growing spot included) during the summer.
  7. Hey guys thanks a lot for the feedback I truly appreciate it!

    Anyways, you guys keep talking about teachers and the like finding the plant. I thought of that a couple of hours ago and me and my buddy just went out to look for a good site to grow, and we found a decent area that we plan on scoping out more tomorrow down the train tracks at our school. The best part is that it's about 3/4 of a mile off campus in a forrested area near a river (like a sign from God right?).

    The only thing I'm worried about is people taking it during the summer, but my school is in this hole in the wall town, so I only really have to worry about older people who might see it (by the way our site is about 200-300 meters off a nature walk trail).

    Again, thank you very much for all the advice and input!

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