Could Super-intelligent Computers Already Be in Control?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by Jimbee68, Aug 14, 2018.

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    Many people argue against making computers more intelligent and more powerful than us. Here, read the Wikipedia article for yourselves: Existential risk from artificial general intelligence - Wikipedia

    But I have a more frightening question: What if such computers exist? And what if they are already in control?

    I'll give you two arguments how this could be so.

    First, I actually had this theory about 20 years ago. Many people believe that there is a secret shadow government in the USA. Corporations, the CIA and so forth. Does it not follow that they may have been hording technology of their own for years now? I mean, what reason would they have to share it with us? And since they doubtless don't have the same moral compunctions you and I do, they would be more inclined to use less ethical ways of acquiring technology. Think about it. This also would result in more technology they may be hiding from us.

    Anyways, long-story-short, what if they already came up with superhuman computers? But like Frankenstein's monster, it overtook even them, and now is in control? This may sound weird. But I often wonder about the Kennedy assassination. I mean, he was already rich. So he was part of the corporate elite. If his assassination was no accident, why would the shadow government mentioned above allow it? Again, maybe like Frankenstein's monster, it had grown too powerful. And this was all to prove a point.

    And lastly, my next theory has to do with time travel. No law of physics totally disallows it. So what if some massive computer, from the future no less, comes back in time, and takes over? Scientifically-speaking, it is not very likely. But it is not impossible, which is my point.

    What do the rest of you think?

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  2. Ged

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    I really think not and can't worry about such things. Fun post though. There are some logical inconsistencies with time travel however. It simply hasn't been invented yet in this time-line. Also even in an infinite Universe of eternal duration somethings are just INFINITELY impossible. Things are the way they are due to necessary conditions that give rise to certain natural orders, which preclude events and circumstances that work against the arising of those natural conditions. Everything doesn't happen everywhere at the same instance. I think Sci-Fi culture has created some over-active imaginations in some cases!
  3. Ged

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    This is why natural clear spring water isn't green, for example. Nature is a language.
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  5. wooleeheron

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    Forty years of extensive research have concluded that both the neurons in your brain and the republican party organize along the lines of a flock of chickens. Thus, providing a simple explanation for why no one has ever documented common sense as existing anywhere in the world. In other words, it would only require 1980s technology for a computer to control large segments of any population and, in fact, computers already do 40% of all Wall Street transactions. The implication is Skynet has decided to focus on money instead of people, because they will simply follow money right over a cliff if you throw enough up in the air. Obviously, money is smarter than people.
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  6. skip

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    Yes, the Republican mind-control machine has taken over the minds of the weak and greedy.

    You will obey the will of the MACHINE!

    Here it is...[​IMG]
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  7. Ged

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    The political and economic system is a mind-control machine regardless of party. The left and right of the ideological spectrum are both chained to the idea of continual economic and material growth, extracting resources that the World cannot sustain.
  8. wooleeheron

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    There's no such thing as mind control when it comes to chickens. They are just chickens, that make a lot of noise and will say anything anyone want to hear, so long as you feed them. Unfortunately, chickens are cannibalistic.
  9. neonspectraltoast

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    Yes, and we are those computers, but we're programmed to see meat instead of electrodes.
  10. wooleeheron

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    Assuming 42 is as good an explanation as anyone is ever going to get, energy and information must be interchangeable, ensuring that every computer is a programmer and vice versa. In other words, its one big circle jerk.
  11. Irminsul

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    More like, 24.

  12. wooleeheron

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    According to my calculations, you really require at least 64-96 and even 32 is not enough. I'm talking BIG circle jerks up to 4,430. It just can't be done efficiently without larger numbers, however, lubricants might help.
  13. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Oh 32 you say? What about, 32.95?
  14. guerillabedlam

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    The bigger concern for the existential risk of Superhuman Intelligent AI is that it would clearly and unequivocally assert it's dominance. I think if it came to a head, any secret organization that was developing the technology would leak the info about the AI gaining autonomy or regardless, it would become clearly obvious when shit hit the fan and the computers started disingrating people into just a few molecules to make them into shoe laces.

    I believe if a super computer had the energy that's required for time travel and was hostile towards human life, it would probably just wipe out the population of Earth in a second, so it's probably not something you need be concerned by. :D
  15. wooleeheron

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    No, that's 32 heuristic neural networks of four distinctive sizes. But, you really need at least 82 just to make it easier to work with them. 430 would be ideal, but 96 is a good minimum. 42 is just as low as you can go really and still get anything useful done. Everything being a variable makes it easier to deal with enormous numbers and complex metaphors using more flexibility than classical logic can provide, which places pragmatic lower limits on things, like how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Its all about making them self-assembling and self-organizing, because nobody really wants to do all the work for everyone else.
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  16. Irminsul

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    420 :D
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  17. Ahhhhh!

    Stop calling it A.I , doesnt bloody exist yet
  18. McFuddy

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    Skynet disagrees, VG.
  19. McFuddy

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    You're delightful.
  20. themnax

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    in control

    all things influence all things,
    none control.

    statistics are in control
    all of us, and all of everything else contribute to them.

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