Corporate Capitalist Lobbying And Price Conflict-And-War

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    -One big business or medium-sized business lobbies the state/government/public-sector
    -The top-down state/government/public-sector initiates-and-implements policies-and-programmes to suit-and-serve that business
    -That big business and/or medium-sized business is incentivised-and-rewarded to increasing/inclining prices
    -Then competing businesses have to change prices to meet that "new bench-mark"

    User's/consumers get financially-fucked

    It's the same with robot's, a robot can fix a repairable robot, depending on which is more inexpensive for the employer, or scrap it for part's, eventually a self-repairing robot will be available/accessible and affordable for employer's, some time after that a self-replicating robot will be available/accessible and affordable for employer's, so if self-repairing robot's break-down and are expensive to repair, which it will be initially, then self-replicating robot's can make-up for the loss of the broken robot unit's, such as ordinary robot's and self-repairing robot's.

    Yang wants to tax employer's who automate, but why dis-incentivise automation?
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