Cops can be a source of humor to:

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by johnnystillcantread, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Once I was standing in a line waiting to get some money out of my banks instant teller and a cop in uniform got in line behind me. It was a pretty boring line up so I started pretending to read the bank posters on the wall. When I turned around to read the next poster I pretended to look surprised when I seen the cop – then said to him, “Oh – I thought you guy’s didn’t need money”. He said to me, (and kind of sarcastically) “every body needs money”. I put my hand on my chin and pretended to think about it – then said to the cop, “not Gondi the guru”. You should have seen the cop’s eyes it was like he had 45 cal dagger eyes. He then shook his head in disbelief then turned around and started reading a poster. What could have made it more funnier (for me) was a guy was in line behind the cop and I could see he was trying hard not to laugh. The cop was turned around so I kind of wanted to start making silly faces so the guy would burst out laughing. But he was driving a beater pickup and the cop might have pulled him over for a road check. Anyway cheers and happy Easter!
  2. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    Messing with peoples' heads.... creating disharmony... belittling a uniform and symbol of authority and respect....

    Keep up the good work.
  3. Thanks and I will because those are a few of my favorite things. I also have another story that is about 15 cops - 2 professional painters, an amusement park and a go-cart with the governor
    set on hi speed. That I will post on another day. Cheers!

    PS There is no messing with heads or creating disharmony in this story.

  4. Hello! A few years ago cops would often show up at my door wanting to talk to my son. In between the visits the wife and I probably told the boy a million times to clean up his room - or it least get rid of the food and dishes before we get rats. One day 2 cops showed up with a warrant to search my son’s room (he still hadn’t cleaned it). We let the cops know we told the boy a million times to clean up his room and they kind of understood. They started the search and one cop picked something up from under a dresser - which caused a rat to run out and run across the other cops shoes.

    The cop let out a pretty high-pitched eek for a man of his size. The other cop didn’t look impressed (about his partner) and I later started imagining the laughter there would be back at the cop station.

    But at the time I didn’t laugh because I was embarrassed and afraid that they would say that my home wasn’t a fitting environment for a minnor so they would call social services and take our kid away. Thankfully that didn’t happen and we all had a good laugh about it when he came home for supper and because he didn’t want to get bit by a rat he had his room cleaned up in no time. Cheers!

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