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Discussion in 'COOL Activities' started by Scholar_Warrior, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Hey, 'just wondering, so do we get to collect cool points for good works, like in other religions, or is it more of a we are all one kinda reward? If we do get COOl Points, how do we cash in?


    in the land of floridiots.
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    Yes, we have a point system on the new site. You get points for contributing articles, quotations, comments, forum postings and more. So it's not a karma system where others get to rate you, but a real-time system where your own deeds (contributions) earn you points. We have a couple of levels set already (member and senior member). At this time there is no big advantage to these levels, but soon there will be... :)
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    So instead of feedback being used to acquire points positive contribution is the basis. I like that idea.

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