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    This is (part of) the write up for Aries, taken from "The Zodiac Cookbook" by Rose Elliot. It's a vegetarian cookbook that tries to match star signs with an eating personality - though it was published in 1989, so some of it - the nutritional advice - may be a bit dated. Sorry about typos, I’m a wee bit overtired :)

    "Aries - the 'speedy eater' - is a Fire sign of Cardinal quality, ruled by Mars and symbolised by the ram.

    Foods for Aries:
    Like those born under the other fire signs, Arians are inclined to look upon food as fuel. They generally have healthy appetites and though their metabolism is good they may put on weight because they eat quickly, impatiently and heartily - and they love snacks! Fast food was made for Ariens because of its speed and filling quality, although it is not in the healthiest way of eating...If they do put on weight, Ariens like to lose it quickly on a fast diet with dramatic results. They do not mind starving themselves temporarily or taking strange combinations of foods for a short time is the weight loss is worthwhile and rapid.
    Ariens love filling, tasty meals. They are particularly fond of cheese and dishes which include this such as deep dish pizza, stuffed pancakes with a cheesy topping, ploughman's lunch and cheese fondue. They also enjoy pasta because it can be prepared so speedily and is also filling, and they are fond of rice dishes.

    Meals on the Move:
    Any dish which can be prepared quickly and eaten on the move appeals to an Arien: dips with crudités, meal-in-a-glass mixtures which they can whiz up in a few seconds and drink as they are going out the door, cheese and fruit, yoghurt, nuts and raisins, cheese sandwiches...
    Foods which are ruled by Mars and thus belong to Aries are all hot spices, including mustard, chilli and horseradish, and hot vegetables such as onions, garlic, leeks and watercress. Nettles and rhubarb belong to Aries, as do chives and basil.
    However, although most of the Ariens I know like well flavoured food and delicate spices, they are instead drawn to the soothing foods and flavours of the opposite planet, Venus, and the cooling ingredients of Saturn, perhaps instinctively seeking balance. From Venus, thyme is particularly good, as are elderberries, to soothe fever; also feverfew, for migraine. From Saturn, barley, perhaps made into lemon barley water, has a tranquilising effect.

    Entertaining, Arien style.
    The thing about having a meal with an Arien is that they are not at all pretentious. They don’t consider themselves to be particularly good cooks, yet they always…seem to produce wonderful, tasty food with maximum speed and minimum fuss. They are well organised in a slightly scatty, fast moving way. At the end of a demanding, action packed day they are capable of fitting in a large amount of cooking while remaining bright, lively and as much fun as ever when their guests arrive. They like entertaining buffet style with a selection of hot and cold dishes. This informal, almost impromptu kind of hospitality suits the Arien temperament well: there can be a mixture of dishes which can be quickly prepared and laid out on the table without too much advance planning."
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    Some really helpful advice for Ariens
    We generally have larger brains and require extra nourishment for brain cells and nerve fluid. Because of so much brain activity, Aries can suffer- headaches, dizziness, nervousness, psychosis etc
    What Aries needs more of-
    Potassium phosphate: found in chickpeas, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, soya beans.
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    i don't suffer from headaches, but its weird because for me its like a combo of aries and gemini, i have both signs in my chart you know.

    I tend to eat fast like an aries and want food fast like an aries, but tend to do two things at once like a gemini.

    For example eating fast(aries) while doing two things at once in this case eating and watching tv(gemini)

    i also tend to get light headedness which affects my head, but its not headaches.

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    this is dead on for me. i love astrology!
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    I thought the eating & dieting habbits were right on the mark, but stuffed pancakes w/a cheese topping and cheese fondue sound pretty nasty to me.
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    Interesting. Also, check this post about zodiac diet.

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