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  1. Ok heres a conundrum - People who argue against christianity have no basis on which they can say the word "god" has no meaning, because that word must have a meaning even if the meaning is semantic rather than symbolic
    to make the statement "god does not exist" involves a repetition since in the ordinary usage - something that does not exist, simply does not exist
    therefore it is trivial, but if a christian says "god exists" then it is saying "something which does not exist exists" and thats a contradiction. So the conundrum is that in order to contradict christians atheists and agnostics whatever must first assert how they are using the term "does not exist"
    to say "god does not exist" first of all asserts the existence of god then denies it - infact "god exists" and "god does not exist" both contain contradictory terms implicit within themseves whilst also contradicting each other !!!!! !

    how do you get around this ?
  2. BudToker

    BudToker Senior Member

    lol...that was confusing man. Good idea though! I can understand what you mean by "God does not exist" involving repitition, but I don't agree with that there is a contradiction in "God exists" because there is no way to prove God does not exist.
  3. rebelfight420

    rebelfight420 Banned

    uhh what?
  4. FreakerSoup

    FreakerSoup Stranger

    The word "god" has meaning in as much as it describes a being that many people believe to exist. When I say god doesn't exist, I no more acknowledge his existance than when I say unicorns don't exist.

    BT - you seem to have missed the point and misapplied your own principle. If there can't be fault with saying god exists for lack of proof otherwise, then the same goes for saying he doesn't.

    I think what he was saying is that if something exists, you don't argue its existance. For you to say the earth exists would include in it a sort of implied acknowledgement that it might not. And the same the other way.
  5. possible conversaion

    god does not exist

    god??? what do you mean by "god"

    well the being that created the universe

    what you mean the being that created the universe doesnt exist? then why are you calling it "god" WHICH MEANS "THE BEING THAT CREATED THE UNIVERSE" ??? Ok so you are aying that something created the universe but it wasnt god, but christians are saying " whatever created the universe is god" so you are contradicting yourself !
    you either see that point or are too stupid toi handle
    in other words if god dont exist why use the word "god"
  6. dollydagger

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    existence vs. non-existence; being vs. non-being

    " After practicing for some time, one day you will find that the images and ideas you have been using are no longer of help, and it is necesary at that point to abandon all ideas and images in order to obtain a truly deep realization, This genuine experience or insight is the very substance of faith, the kind of faith that no one can remove from you because it is not made of images, ideas, or dogma. You cannot be tempted to doubt God or nirvana because God or nirvana has become the object and subject of your own true experiences. For this to happen two things are essential: first, you have to practice for your beleif to become true experience; second, the practice should not be abandoned after some stability and peace have been obtained."
    -Thich Nhat Hanh "Living Buddha, Living Christ"
  7. hippie_chick666

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    Good quote!

    Peace and love

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