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  1. tiki_god7

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    anybody know of any good books dealing with consciousness? like to do with psychedelics, higher states of consciousness, or spritual/religious aspects of consciousness?
  2. BlackBillBlake

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    John C. Lilly - 'The Centre of the Cyclone'

    Robert Anton Wilson - 'Cosmic Trigger'
    Anything by Tim Leary
    The 'Bhagavad Gita'
    The 'Tibetan Book of the Dead'

    Just a few suggestions.
  3. charbono

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    The Natural Mind: An Investigation of Drugs and the Higher Consciousness
    by Dr. Andrew Weil. 1967 I think.

    One of the very few books I would rate 1000/1000.
  4. charbono

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    and of course, anything by Timothy Leary :)
  5. MeAgain

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    Be Here Now, Ram Dass
    The Book on the Taboo Againest Knowing Who You Are, Alan Watts
    The Perennial Philosophy, Aldous Huxley
    The Simple Feeling of Being, Ken Wilbur
    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Richard Persig
  6. tiki_god7

    tiki_god7 Member

    thank you thank you very much, other then huxley, ram das, and leary they are all new and exactly what I was hoping for, thank you
  7. BlackBillBlake

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  8. gnrm23

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  9. gnrm23

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  10. Hey, I just finished reading a couple books that were free online.

    They are both on consciousness and they have opened my eyes up ALOT.

    #1 - From Science to God

    #2 - The Inner Light Theory of Consciousness

    They're both in .PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader if you don't already.

    I would check out the first one, From Science to God; its real nice.


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