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  1. So I'm in love with another girl. I have only realized it because she now has a boyfriend. We're both bisexual and have always had a mutual attraction. Whenever she's in a relationship, all I want is her. However, when she's single I get scared. I've only been with one other girl, but it was strictly carnal. But with my girl, every inch of my mind, body and soul wants her. I'm terrified of that, but I have a burning desire to face my fear and show her.

    She has a boyfriend right now but we've been talking more and all I want to do is love her for the rest of my life. I've let her slip away so many times, I refuse to lose her. I need to win her back.

    How do I do it
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    I'm a bisexual guy and let a guy slip through my fingers because I was scared to let him know how I felt, even though he let me know how he felt about me. The best way is to get with her, maybe for drinks, lunch or whatever? Let your hand gently touch her inner thigh while watching her eyes. If she doesn't refuse your touch, she wants you. Then let your hand make its way to her most private parts, then if she doesn't shy away you are in. Let her know you are in love with her and want to be with her. Go for it girl, if you don't you will never know.

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