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  1. MimiJ

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    I think I found my soulmate. Before this guy came along I didn't even believe in them, but now I don't think I can deny it. We compliment each other so well and I don't think I've felt this happy or alive in years. So here's the thing though...we were together/dating for several months before we had sex. We did a lot of other things, and it was great! We both felt so connected and it was just amazing. After we had sex though he seemed to start spacing out a little bit, and it felt like he wasnt totally with me. I doesn't always feel like this but sometimes it does. He said it's because he has a hard time focusing in general most times, which is true, but it makes me wonder if i'm doing something wrong. He told me I was great but I dunno. Everything else in the relationship is fine...more than fine. Do you think it could be that he just got back from Iraq this year? I know he has nightmares and sometimes spaces out anyway...he has a really hard time talking about those things, though he's opened up to me a bit. Should I not think anything of it?
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    Hi there..
    Soul mates certainly exist =] and you'l know if its right.

    In regards to him spacing out is it right after sex? Also does he space out during sex?
    The human mind is quite a strange thing.. it could be the most intimate moment of your life life but even then the mind can be plagued by thoughts.

    During moments of love making certain parts of the brain may be opened up/relaxed (similar to what alcohol does) and this may be allowing certain things come through..

    Bear with it and try not to think too deeply about if it's you that's causing it.. I can understand why you'd think that.

    Savour the love, and remember how perfect everything else is :)
  3. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    assuming it'll be perfect...
  4. jmt

    jmt Ezekiel 25:17

    whats a soul mate? and its differences from true love?

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