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    I dont know if I should be writing this on this forum, but I am, because yalls my homies. I like this guy and I get really nervous around him, but we hang out...but I dont know if he likes me. Can anyone give me any advice about how I should look for hints if he likes me or not? also, should I play that idiotic game of hard to get...does that make guys want to come after you or run away from you? sorry, I just am really confused...HELP!!!

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    I usually only show that i want to be there friend and that makes them wild to chase you. That's male nature they enjoy hunting, So I wouldn't play hard to get on purpose but concentrate on building a friendship rather then a romance. Afterall the romance is only good when it unravels itself. Now if he's interested you'd probably know? well that's second nature for me, but i guess you should note eye contact and the level of touchiness hahaha That's how i measure it on my litle romance scale Alright keep the peace and enjoy the love
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    If he likes you the black part in his eye (pupil) should be big. (True statement)
  4. Oh So strangE indeeD

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    Don't play hard to get, but don't throw yourself at him
  5. novarys

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    if he tries to kiss you, thats a big hint that he likes you:H
  6. soulrebel51

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    You could prevent the whole drama thing and just tell him you like him. :p

    If he likes you back, there ya go... if he doesn't, you won't be wasting your time.

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