Conflict-And-War Against Tobacco: Under-mining The (Currently) White-Market Tobacco Industry

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    Delegitimisation-and-denormalisation through-and-under scrutinisation-and-stigmatisation/criminalisation-and-penalisation/prohibition-and-propaganda of tobacco and tobacco products (T.T.P), specifically mass-marketed (mass-produced and mass-distributed) pre-rolled tobacco cigarettes by the same centrist liberals who once advertised tobacco and tobacco products (T.T.P), in favor of marijuana and marijuana products (M.M.P), however "smoke is smoke" and the practice of (herbal/botanical/plant) smoking, the tar is objectively the same, besides the inevitable white-market marijuana industry not filtering a majority of the (herbal/botanical/plant) smoking-based products meant for mass-usage/mass-consumption (joints), as does the (currently) white-market tobacco industry, ultimately it comes down to supply-and-demand, if someone needs-and/or-wants it, they can purchase it, via someone who can or who has supply, such as shipped, stocked and sells it to the user/consumer.

    I support compelling the industries (tobacco and marijuana) to clean-up or at least, financially-fund clean-up operations of filter waste that is prevalent on each-and-every street in each-and-every economic hub, financially-funding etiquette, whether it is scented or tastes fine, if you're combust it or char it, then don't fully orally inhale it, cause it contains pollutants/irritants/emittants/toxins/toxicants, but if you are going to inhale, only partially orally inhale, especially either tobacco cigarettes and marijuana joints, you'll be at a lower physical risk to your lungs, in relation to lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (C.O.P.D), but you'll be at a higher physical risk to you head and neck, in relation to malignant metastic cancer.

    I know it should be drastically-reduced, but not ultimately eliminated, it's as good as it's going to get, tighter laws and tougher penalties/punishments, draconian laws and punitive penalties/punishments or policies-and-programmes that are there to reduce liberty and ultimately under-mine whatever the intended-and-purposed objective was to begin with, I prefer my coffee, tea, cocoa-based chocolate, cola and tobacco (C.T.C.C.T).

    Intoxicating/non-intoxicating cultural vices of the west, with tobacco usage/consumption profound-and-prolific amongst 14+ high school students and blue-collar laborers who labor, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, toke marijuana, fuck and fight being the mantra/motto/saying/platitude, mentholated tobacco and the legal/licit/lawful loopholes, grey areas and inconsistencies of the political-legal-economic apparatus/establishments/systems, blue-collar hop-heads being worse then blue-collar pot-heads, not habit-forming and mind-altering fungal substances.

    The three brothers/three sisters, tobacco, marijuana and alcohol, respectively, a stimulant, a hallucinogen and a sedative/depressant/relaxant, otherwise known as "smelly", "itchy" and "dirty", whether it contains animal-derived product, practice and effect, it tastes, smells and feels objectively negative, I've smoked tobacco 75 times, had five mutations or adequately-and-accurately appropriately-and-accordingly, I've induced five mutations.

    Certain musicians could smoke tobacco with their "raspy"-like voice, think adele, I personally prefer tobacco pipe smoking, if the tobacco industry tested the smoke produced by tobacco plants and the marijuana industry tested the smoke produced by marijuana plants, they'd both turn-up tar or results of tar, only pharmacies, tobacconists and marijuanaists are notable in relation to effects, both supplement shops and health food shops aren't and supply, ship, stock and sell either semi-effective herbal/botanical/plant supplements or animal-derived product's, it comes down to the practice and liquid vaping and dabbing are both aromatherapy-like and contain plant-derived/extracted/synthesised or plant-based drug's/substances/chemicals, imagine a fire-safe (which is now a state/government/public-sector policy-and-programme requirement in most of the landmasses/political geographies/jurisdictions of the anglo-west), mentholated kretek/clove (which the (google) youtuber tobacco cigarette smoker called "nickthesmoker" covered, called a marlboro (brand) mint kretek) light tobacco cigarette, anyway cola soft drinks, herbal teas, cider and coffee taste and smell the best, you get one good one out of many white-market choices, eucalyptol-like includes mentholated, kretek/clove and wintergreen, minus the herbicides/insecticides/pesticides/fungicides/rodenticides, the pain in the throat would be reduced and the blunting of taste and smell exists cause of the tar and there aren't any notes, which I imagine is the same for marijuana smoking and marijuana vaping, moderate-and-mediate conflicting-and-competing normalities/pleasantries/niceties/formalities/norms in relation to both tattoos, piercings and scarrings and gambling, by at least decriminalising you under-mine blue-collar (at the beginning of the day)/black-collar (at the end of the day) crime (organised crime/black-market capitalism/"criminalised capitalism") and the white-market can flourish and prosper, instead of flounder and ponder and create part-time/casual/temporary/gig work/labor, it all comes back to mainstream culture/collective consciousness, whereby both religious philosophy and ethnic/racial/national culture filters into mainstream (western) culture, the "harmless cigarette" (brand) is like a nicotine non-electronic inhaler.

    Opponents of tobacco usage/consumption claim that producing-and-distributing tobacco and tobacco product's (T.T.P) is murder, but have these emotionally-charged, arguably blue-collar critics who are born pre-1985 and didn't receive the same education-and-information that post-1985 people/persons receive realise that after prohibiting tobacco product's or all tobacco, that re-popularisation and eventual legalisation/re-legalisation will ensue, so keep the white-market the white-market, anyway the tellings-teachings-and-trainings are based-built-and-bound to both misinformation-and-disinformation, with all the trimmings-and-trappings or just hallmarks of ignorance that come with both the blue-collar and grey-collar blue-collar mind-set/mentality, so I wouldn't commit to something that is both crude and rudimentary, both tobacco smoking and tobacco smoke is as obnoxious and toxic as marijuana smoking and marijuana smoke, cause of tobacco smoke initial inhalation irritation (T.S.I.I.I) and marijuana smoke initial inhalation irritation (M.S.I.I.I), mentholated tobacco, clove/kretek tobacco and wintergreen tobacco mask the taste, smell and pain that comes with tobacco smoking, I don't know of the same for marijuana smoking, just imagine all the herbals/botanicals/plants that have been lost to natural history cause of both industrialisation and urbanisation, the only way to make both (herbal/botanical/plant) smoking and (herbal/botanical/plant) vaping taste, smell and feel good is by mentholating the herbal/botanical/plant, this is why both liquid vaping and dabbing will attract-and-appeal to a wider audience, you get different amounts of other chemicals in herbals/botanicals/plants, beside the chemical component you're seeking, whilst in pharmaceutical drug's/substances/chemicals, you get a chemical concentrate, beside getting a minimal amount of other chemicals, which is due to state/government/public-sector initiated-and-implemented policies-and-programmes, in relation to flavoured tobacco or flavouring the filter, only menthol, kretek/clove and wintergreen in reality-and-practice mask the taste, smell and pain, flavouring the tobacco or the filter with fruit flavours achieves-and-accomplishes nothing.

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  2. This is one of the reasons I started vaping before quitting altogether.
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    I'm writing a light novel about the anthropomorphised lives of the all the quotation marks.

    Chapter One: Exclamation point has a wild week!

    Chapter Two: Hyphen murders you for treating her like a whore.
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    Herbal/botanical/plant vaping or liquid vaping? Cause you could buy the "electric smoking system" product called the "iqos cigarette" (brand) produced by philip morris, which is essentially a tobacco herbal/botanical/plant vaporiser, or buy a liquid vaporiser, such as a so-called "blu cigarette" (brand) or a so-called "juul" (brand)
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    Stop vaping as well.
    Smoking of all form is bad for you. You can get cancer from it.
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    That's not clinically-evidenced, yet, there is currently inconclusive scientific evidence that either liquid vaping or dabbing or either both liquid vaping and dabbing induce-and-develop malignant metastic cancer, both liquid vaping and dabbing are not forms of smoking
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    Thank you for your response
  8. It was an e-cigarette back then... These days there are brand name products. For this thing, you had to put liquid in it now and then and recharge it when the battery ran down.
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    That's the same design layout in the here-and-now for both e-cigarettes and e-cigars and probably both e-joints and e-blunts, when they are eventually mass-marketed (both mass-produced and mass-distributed) in the white-market
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    second hand tobacco smoke kills people. i don't know if all second hand smoke does, but i know tobacco smoke does.
    it belongs in ritual, not recreation.
    i think people would be healthier, everyone, if mary j were the default leaf instead of tobacco.
    i don't claim to know this, but i do know, that the tobacco industry has a LOT of 'blood' on its hands.

    and its the second hand smoke that's more deadly to non-smokers.
    of course banning anything is never the best answer.
    consideration is.

    but the inconsiderate need to be held accountable.
    of course people can twist that,
    but inconsiderateness is at the root of tyranny.
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    Just quit all nicotine. Simple.
  12. AMS351996

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    If you "nurse" a dependence/addiction (not the same, but in slang/colloquial, synonymised/inter-changed/conflated) from an early age, cause you've been "coaxed" from an early age, which is why food-stuff (s) (specifically cause of sugar, salt and fat and probably, but currently not conclusively, vitamins and minerals, which falls under both micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients) and sex is harder to reduce, cause they're both behavioural and neuro-chemical, but in relation to alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other popular/common recreational psychoactive drug's/substances/chemicals, besides physical dependence/addiction, the "alarm" (groundswell of out-rage and out-cry) is over-stated and over-emphasised, yet tobacco is a popular/common (herbal/botanical/plant) stimulant cause of the cutting-edge high-tech fast-paced cut-throat top-down divide-and-conquer stream-lining mostly-automating atomised (anomie) hard-ball (capitalist) economy, tobacco cigarette smoking would be as popular/common as both tobacco cigar smoking, tobacco pipe smoking and tobacco hookah smoking, smoke is smoke and marijuana joint smoking would be as popular/common as marijuana blunt smoking, marijuana "bowl" (pipe) smoking and marijuana bong smoking, when burning/combusting or "charring", the herbal/botanical/plant will always release tar, even reduced levels of tar in relation to herbal/botanical/plant vaping.

    The same could-and-is be-and-being said of marijuana, that it belongs in ritual, not recreation
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    Why? Should we "quit" (cease) all thc, cbd and/or ethanol-alcohol? What about sugar (fructose, glucose and sucrose) and salt (sodium)? What about fat (saturated fat and trans-fat)? If it's a naturally-occurring component of the herbal/botanical/plant, just leave it at that, don't increase/incline dosage and don't decrease/decline dosage, whilst (currently) white-market mass-marketed (both mass-produced and mass-distributed) pre-rolled tobacco cigarettes and (eventually) white-market mass-marketed (both mass-produced and mass-distributed) pre-rolled marijuana joints will be tainted/laced/cut/adulterated/diluted/additive, tobacco smoke toxins/toxicants and tobacco smoke flavour is important cause certain tobacco smoke toxins/toxicants provide the unique tobacco smoke flavour
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    Merrr I reckon all the anti vaping drama is just cigarette companies trying to use scare tactics cause folks are moving away from their stinky cigarettes.
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    Changing your diet to exclude toxic crap may help - biut if your still a smoker, that really negates most of what you might do in other health areas.

    Nicotine gives nothing. It is merely a negative addiction that can lead to serious illness and death. Enjoyng a flavour for a brief time is no consolation when you end up with COPD or cancer. Mostly the satisfaction isn't from flavour, but satisfying the nicotine addiction. As every addict knows really.

    Vaping may be less harmful but IMO looks somewhat silly. I found it a very poor substitute for smoking prior to quitting all nicotine products.
  16. AMS351996

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    That's true, but even so, tobacco product's and specifically tobacco smoking product's, should remain part-and-parcel of the white-market, where legal/licit/lawful trade-and-transaction of good's-and-services occur, no need-nor-want to endlessly moralise and incessantly philosophise, about anything, but controversial-and-contentious product's/commodities more so then non-controversial-and-non-contentious product's/commodities, tobacco cigarettes are no different to marijuana joints, both will are mass-marketed (both mass-produced and mass-distributed) or will be mass-marketed (both mass-produced and mass-distributed) through-and-under the white-market
  17. AMS351996

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    That's true, but even so, tobacco product's and specifically tobacco smoking product's, should remain part-and-parcel of the white-market, where legal/licit/lawful trade-and-transaction of good's-and-services occur, no need-nor-want to endlessly moralise and incessantly philosophise, about anything, but controversial-and-contentious product's/commodities more so then non-controversial-and-non-contentious product's/commodities, tobacco cigarettes are no different to marijuana joints, both will are mass-marketed (both mass-produced and mass-distributed) or will be mass-marketed (both mass-produced and mass-distributed) through-and-under the white-market
  18. AMS351996

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    Your physical health risk, relating to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (C.O.P.D) drastically decreases/declines if you partially orally inhale either tobacco smoke or marijuana smoke, whilst physical health risk relating to lung cancer decreases/declines, you're physical health risk relating to head and neck cancer significantly increases/inclines, also regarding regular usage/consumption.

    Whilst, I'm yet to use/consume marijuana, I prefer not to herbal/botanical/plant smoke and/or herbal/botanical/plant vape when-and-where I can, but I have used/consumed tobacco product's, specifically tobacco smoking product's and found no flavour/taste and/or aroma/scent, the so-called "notes" weren't there, only mentholated tobacco cigarettes masked the flavour/taste, aroma/scent and pain, both the short-term mental effect's and short-term physical effect's were pleasant, but only briefly did I ever become physically-dependent/addicted, I was-and-am more mentally-dependent/addicted, but even then-and-now I don't have a persistent mental desire to light-up a tobacco smoke.

    Liquid vaping is less harmful/hurtful and dabbing to is less harmful/hurtful, objectively observable, but not clinically-evidenced, so anecdotal evidence on-and-over empirical evidence, however it depends on why you're using/consuming, if you're dependent/addicted to the nicotine-proper, dependent/addicted to nicotine to "relieve stress and reduce anxiety" (though nicotine itself is a stimulant) or to mask another overt/direct/explicit social/socio problem, whatever happened to the notion/concept of liberty? As a young adult, I get sideways glances cause "you should know better", what kind of shit is that? Bull-shit (B.S) and non-sense (N.S) from bull-shit (B.S) spewers and non-sense (N.S) dwellers, ephedra and phenibut are regulated/restricted, but are often sold "under-the-counter" at supplement shop's, whilst paan and ginseng are regulated/restricted, as east-asian states/governments/public-sector (s) become economically relevant-and-viable, there will be social-cultural/socio-cultural push-back and kava is generally legal/licit/lawful, except in anglo-australia, just like phenibut, grey-market (commonly-misrepresented as black-market) tobacco cigarettes are sold "under-the-counter", probably cbd-based marijuana smokes/tokes will go that top-down political-legal-economic route too, though of-age adult women who use/consume tobacco should be discouraged from smoking tobacco three month's before, during and three months after pregnancy. Civil penalties for of-age adult pregnant women, smoking tobacco in en-closed spaces around kids, but allowing/permitting private-sector business sector businesses or just white-market businesses to decide whether to allow/permit customer's/client's/patrons to smoke tobacco and cbd-based marijuana in-and-amongst non-using/non-consuming customer's/client's/patrons.

    I'm not committed to the practice of herbal/botanical/plant smoking and herbal/botanical/plant vaping, so several tobacco pipes (corncob wooden tobacco pipes, briar wooden tobacco pipes and calabash wooden tobacco pipes), two hookahs, several marijuana bowls/pipes (glass marijuana bowls/pipes) and two bongs, only non-reusable/non-re-consumable product's, such as cigarettes and cigars and joints and blunts, other then that liquid vaping "implements" (equipment/paraphernalia), chilum pipes and cigarette/joint holders, inside the dirty, smelly, itchy, sweaty, filthy asshole, if it is naturally-occurring pre-combustion and if it's naturally-occurring post-combustion
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