Conch Fritters

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  1. 3 c. water, 1 t. Accent, 1/2 t. garlic powder, 1 t. salt, 1/2 t. black pepper, 3/4 t. oregano, 4-6 c. self-rising flour, 1 lb. conch meat (fresh ground or frozen), 1/2 c. green pepper (diced), oil for frying. Mix water and spices together. Add flour until drop consistency. add remaining ingredients. Batter should be stiff enough to drop by teaspoon into oil heated to 350 F. Cook until brown. "A pleasant delight to your taste buds. You'll love conch!" Pile the fritters onto a platter and surround with lettuce leaves and a pile of fresh mint or cilantro leaves so everyone can make a wrap and dip into the sauce.
  2. If you want to be sure your conch is going to be tender, cut it up and pressure cook it for it for 45 minutes. One of the best ways to cook conch is in a curry. Although simple, a curry can be made into a feast if you serve it with an array of garnishes in small bowls, to be sprinkled on top or eaten beside the curry. Side dish suggestions: grated coconut, crushed peanuts, chutney, chopped onion, yoghurt, chopped mango, chopped tomato, raisins soaked in rum drain before serving) and chopped cucumber soaked in vinegar mixed with pieces of fresh ginger (remove ginger and drain before serving). Curry should be served with a bowl of steaming hot rice.
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    Wow, that sounds interesting! Where exactly do you get conch??
    And is that a shellfish or a snail?
  4. You can get it from most island shops(About 10.00 a pound).

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    what the fuck is this bullshit? this is not how we make it in the bahamas. :confused:
  6. On the south end of the waterfront road at Arthurs Town, Cat Island, is the Smoke Pot run by Julian and Renee(242-354-2094).
  7. Wash the conch, slice and cook 5 minutes in a small amount of boiling water. Drain and dry. Slice 1 onion and saute in hot fat, add the conch slices and cook until brown. Sprinkle with parsley and serve.

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