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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by papa perp, May 24, 2007.

  1. papa perp

    papa perp Member

    alright.... lets explain here... im in need of some $ and im underage to get any normal job so the only reason i wana grow and deal is to actualy make some money.... ive never smoked the stuff and dont intend to.... but i have about 50 seeds and i have no idea what type of weed it is, my friend who i got the seeds from said it was "Purple Power" or "Big Bud" can anyone give me a tutorial or something on how to grow it? lol huge noob here.... please help.... o and for the record.... i will be growing the plant off my property where it will have total sunlight for the whole day... i know that the sunlight makes a difference.... so can anyone help me out?
  2. papa perp

    papa perp Member

    also for those i need to know the price of 1/8
  3. teehova

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  4. ninfan77

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    You're at the very least going to need some nutrients, CFL/Floros to veg them if you're going indoors, and some good soil.

    You could grow them outdoors as well. Check out some torrent sites for a grow book.
  5. AncientHippie

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    ur profile says u r 25
  6. papa perp

    papa perp Member

    yeah.... i know it sais im 25... i just dont want people to realy know how young i am... o and yeah im growing outdoors.... lemme describe the growing area.... to get there you go up a steep hill.... about 15 feet high and at a 60 degree incline... you go down the hill at about the same decline.... but anyways down the hill there is about 10 feet of clear land and then there is about a 3 foot drop into a river.... then there is about a mile of thick trees down the side of the river, past those trees there is a small clearing where the sun gets to from sun up to sun down. im not sure exactly how the quality of the soil is but i plan on bringing some good stuff in anyway.... does this sound like a good spot? and as far as i know im the only one who really knows about this spot

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