Companies That Work For Government

Discussion in 'Cannabis Legal and Security Issues' started by placid_waters, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. placid_waters

    placid_waters Member

    "don't You Think Those Companies That Work For The Government Or The Government Itself Will Be The Only Ones Profiting From Leagalization Of Marijuana. Not The Small People ! "
  2. Born2Lose

    Born2Lose Member

    That really wouldn't matter to me, if they made it legal i would be perfectly fine to pay taxes for my weed. The stupid thing is that the government won't legalize it when they could make so much profit off of it. To be honest it would make everyone happy if weed was legal. The government would make profit, price of weed would go down, (Due to alot more local growing.) and all of us pot heads would be happy. Because now there would be no worries.
  3. T.H. Cammo

    T.H. Cammo Member

    ???!!! I don't know what that means! But in the context of marijuana growing it's even more confusing - we are the small people! The only small companies that will be affected are the ones selling growing equiptment!
  4. Crazy_P

    Crazy_P Member

    Imagine reefers by Phillip Morris. Probably cheaper than now, but hooray for added chemicals. They'd probably find a way to sneak in nicotine or somesuch nonsense.
  5. underground04

    underground04 Member

    that's why you'd grow your own or buy some microgrow stuff :D
  6. Archane

    Archane Member

    No worries? Do you honestly think that the only thing the government is doing wrong is making pot illegal? What about pollution? What about jobs effectivly making 90% of the population wage slaves? What about giant monopolizing corporations, 10% of the world's population holding 90% of the wealth? What about natural resource depletion, global warming, and mass starvation? I say if pot being illegal makes a few more people question the motives of the government then its a good thing. That said, I really wish it was legal.
  7. aHud (ebk)

    aHud (ebk) Member

    from what iv heard, from a police officer, is that if it wasnt for illegal drugs there would be a significantly smaller amount of jobs for police, concidering thats takes up most of our tax dollars.
  8. obs82

    obs82 Member

    war on drugs is like any recent war. it wasn't meant to be won or lost. it was only meant to be sustained, to milk it for all its' worth. just like you said, look at how many sectors of law enforcement and government etc.. deal with 'drugs'.

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