Coming to A'dam on the 26th, Lookin for Folks to Hang With...

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Sweet_Sangria, May 16, 2004.

  1. Sweet_Sangria

    Sweet_Sangria Member

    I'll be in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks and would like to meet some people from the area... And other parts of Holland as well... I've been to Noord Holland (Hoorn) and Friesland (Grou- I loved the Skutjesilen!) and will be staying in The Hague for my first week...

    I'm 22, from California and am coming to Europe to leave the grid of American society for awhile to refresh my spirit... I don't agree with anything my local or federal governments are doing in my name and with my tax dollars, so I'm removing my funds from their dirty hands... I do love my country, and the people that I've known in my life that were decent here, but I can't pay taxes knowingly to a regime that uses the money to kill people and steal from them shit that we shouldn't even need in the first damn place... hahahaaa..... I am frustrated... I have worked in retail and customer service for six years, and have watched the collapse of American "culture" before my very eyes... people have been bred to be the McDonald's eating, ultra-modern-just-add-water disposable housewives that they all are.... and to raise their kids to do the same thing.... that money is being taken from our schools to fund this fucking "war"... art, music and language programs are being cancelled in schools all over California..... even in San Jose.... one of the "wealthiest" cities in the state.... A workforce lacking multi-lingual skills won't be able to compete in the global market.... I feel like I am watching the collapse of Rome, and I want to get out of here to see the world before my country makes so many enemies that it'll be too hard to.... hahahaa....

    Sorry for that deluge, but that's the mess hiding in my head.... I have a lot to say, though i try to be respectful of who i share my opinions with... I just don't have tolerance for the lack of common courtesy and decency that's plagued this country... And i do almost fear that our lack of educated children will doom us to an uneducated, undirected future and that the adjustments that will have to be made won't be easy for most Americans... they live very saturated and artificially-lavish lifestyles that not only destroy the society, but the habitat itself.... I fear for California, though I have faith that its diverse eco-system will recover... i do plan on returning to the West Coast, but I need to let my inner gypsy run naked through foriegn streets first... then i can hunker down for the healing process that will (hopefully-Goddess willing) bring a new state of consciousness...

    see? i didn't mean to go off like that, really.... shouldn't have toasted me that wake and bake this morning... heheeeee...

    well, i guess if i don't seem to crazy, or you would like to find out just how odd i am, message me here or email me @

    ::::::::Many Blessings::::::::
    (I am also known as LadyJeepers ;-)
  2. Kabbalist

    Kabbalist Member

    Hi, you're sounds kinda freaky! What do you want to do in Amsterdam? I only live 30 kilometres away. Den Haag is really cool, it's far better to stay there than in Amsterdam. But, when you arrive in Amsterdam by train, the first thing you smell is wiet (is the English word grass??) Tell me, what do you want to do?
  3. Sweet_Sangria

    Sweet_Sangria Member

    i am a bit strange, but that's how i make all of my friends, and i really like my friends-so i guess it's a good thing... hahaaa... I am coming to holland to begin something of a spiritual journey for myself... and to meet as many cool (and maybe not so cool) people as i can....

    what i really need to find is a place to stay for a couple of weeks, because i will be going to Denmark at the end of June anyways...

    what else do you want to know? i like answering questions :))

  4. Eric

    Eric Member

    If you also come to germany you may visit me (altough I'm one of the not so cool people...)

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