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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by Drynon, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Drynon

    Drynon Guest

    I have a very old building which I am turning into place for like minded people to come and stay. It is set in the countryside in the west of Ireland. I hope to create a commune and all are welcome. We can grow our own food and animals and create some art. It's a magical place. Town is a short horse ride away.
    Don't just dream. ... Do.
  2. lively_girl

    lively_girl Member

    Tell us what you mean by like-minded people :)
  3. Drynon

    Drynon Guest

    Respect for everyone and everything
  4. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    You want to give up some info mate! We may be interested. Just come off a 7 week stay in Granada working voluntarily on a building and growing project.
  5. lively_girl

    lively_girl Member

    How was it? How did you find out about it?
  6. Drynon

    Drynon Guest

    Ok we'll I have an old inn which was built in the mid 1850s and I want to develop it as a place for people to come and stay. Where we grow our own food and animals and have a place so people can create art. I come from a Druid background and I believe in respect for nature and people. The project is at the stage where I need input from others on how to proceed. You are welcome to stay as long as you like.
  7. lively_girl

    lively_girl Member

    I think there are a lot of travelers/backpackers that would love to spend some time in a nice, creative environment.

    Your main priority should be to make the place nice.

    Do you have any pictures? How big is the whole property? What's the state of the house? Can people already stay inside or would they camp? Do you have any neighbours near?
    Could you have parties/music events there without bothering anyone?
    Do you know how you want the place to look like?
  8. Drynon

    Drynon Guest

    It's on an acre and its on a main road in the countryside so it's easy to get to. House is nearly ready to accomadate. Camping is fine. Not a party type place but it was known for its dancing back in the day. Really looking for someone to set up and run the growning of vegetables and the care of animals.
  9. yesca420

    yesca420 Guest

    Your idea is tempting. Does Ireland have a good weather for gardening? How do you plan on financing this for starters ? How many participants enrolled in this project so far?
  10. Drynon

    Drynon Guest

    Yes great weather for growing but will be putting poly tunnel in
    Self financing and I will be throwing money at it
    This will be a kind of retreat place for people to explore nature and the arts
    So a lot of interest but I need some to run it full time as people will be only staying for short periods.
  11. farmout

    farmout All who wander arent lost Lifetime Supporter

    Has potential, I've always wanted to visit Ireland....
  12. BongoW

    BongoW Guest

    Sounds great
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  13. Mr. Bleak

    Mr. Bleak Member

    Shit, man, I would come in a few special skills but good at everything, smart, can learn anything quickly, own mind, hard worker, and a dreamer and believer in a better way to live
  14. IreneEve

    IreneEve Guest

    My biggest wish is to visit Ireland and live there.I think you have the best idea ever,we could make a new Manson family
  15. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    Simple question - will there be a salary for the person or persons running this. I seriously would like more info,it's all a bit vague.
  16. mntbear

    mntbear Guest

    Do you have any pictures of the place?
  17. Bartholomeo

    Bartholomeo Guest

    So you own the ground and the place? I'm looking for a project like this,but maybe next year, I'm looking around for now. I'm from Belgium, so I can probably just registrate in Ireland to live there, right? Or any special requirements?
  18. kurona

    kurona Member

    Wow that sounds amazing. if only i can afford a ticket to freakin ireland id hit it ;_;
  19. wheeeheee

    wheeeheee Guest

    Hi there, this sounds very interesting to me! I am located in Ireland and am looking for exactly this sort of thing. I have the right mindset and skills to be involved (as far as I can tell from this thread).. if this project is still going, please do get in touch! :)
  20. mouse69

    mouse69 Guest

    I would love to come to Ireland!Just let me know where you are and I'll be there.

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