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    Being a complete idiot, I've just always preferred my own philosophy to anyone else's, and have invented my own No-Class, No-Style, No-Brainer philosophy of "Collective Ignorance", that the world is a much better place without my own ignorant opinions, but not without my sense of humor! Among other things, I teach how to write "Oneness Poetry" which can treat every word like a mathematical variable, with no intrinsic meaning or value, and express our Collective Ignorance in the voice of Mother Nature. Our poems are a uniquely mathematical literary-mirror for the human psyche and soul, that can throw anyone's crap right back in their face.

    Currently, I'm working on finishing the required poetry and fuzzy logic for the philosophy for making it self-consistent, non-trivial, and demonstrable in order to help those amongst us with institutionally stunted senses of humor, like academics, get more of the punch lines. While all that might sound complicated, anyone who writes Oneness Poetry will tell you that anyone of any age can make significant contributions and the only requirement for writing Oneness Poetry is that you have to be masochistic enough to do all the required editing. There is no need for any debates, because billions of people around the world usually recognize immediately whether anything we wright is better or worse than other versions they have read, and our tradition predates Stone Hinge by about six thousand years.

    It will be at least three years before I finish writing my book, which has required over seven years already, and part of that is translating the extrapolated fuzzy logic into an analog distributed computer and fully interactive virtual reality platform, in order to bring our poetry to life like never before. This will be an open source project that is merely part of establishing a "Free School of Collective Ignorance", that anyone of any age can make significant contributions to. Bruce Lee taught his own "No-Style" philosophy of martial arts and our poetry is mathematical potty humor, including some pornographic adult potty humor, that can make Zen masters look silly on a daily basis. Yogi Berra style mental judo, with the smallest toddlers being the widely recognized masters of the genre.

    We accept any and all more ignorant contributions, but many prefer cash, check, or money order. No accounting for taste in a free school of Collective Ignorance. Socrates refused all payment for teaching, claiming he had nothing that he could ever teach anyone, but the man was never offered a free drink he did not appreciate.
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    I don't think you're an idiot. I think you're half man, half biscuit.
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    It sounds a bit like turning the 1940s animated cartoons into a reality.
    I could be Micky Mouse and you could be Donald Duck. LOL.
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    LOL @ Stone Hinge
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    The virtual reality interface requires an analog computer which is extremely different from a digital one. Analog circuitry is as much an art as it is a science and requires matching artwork in VR. That's my specialty, is the art and fuzzy logic required. Just the more fundamental artwork, the basic geometry and nonlinear temporal dynamics, but they are complex enough the platform could be used to model Relativity and quantum mechanics. The analog circuitry provides 64-96 animations simultaneously, in order to introduce enough complexity into the virtual reality to amplify yin-yang dynamics, and the artwork has to express both fractal geometry and continuum physics.

    I may be a complete idiot, but I know how to have fun. :)

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