Collar/Class As The Only Group Relevant-And-Viable In The Modern Era

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    Why be a political-legal-economic factionalist? The nation-state/nationalist-state is being made self-redundant by globalised/internationalised/planetary/worldist/spherical capitalism, prominent by way of free-trade policies-and-programmes of the state/government/public-sector, as both technology-and-engineering positively progress/change/move/regress, with un-even development occurring, capitalist states/governments/public-sector (s) are doing what marxist/marxian socialist with marxist/marxian communism states/governments/public-sector (s), the label/word/term/phrase nation-state being replaced by state/government/public-sector itself, ethnic/racial/national identities withering away, just like religious/philosophical identities withering away, as westernisation of (mainstream) culture occurs and as the economies are liberalised/libertarianised, the beginning of the end for the eastern world, starting in both east-asia and south-east asia and spreading west-ward, eventually central america, south america and eastern europe will be engulfed
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    It is what it is, worker co-operatives, price controls and subsidies, capital flight controls and potential planned economy, having two kid's and no more, especially if you're impoverished/un-equal or just blue-collar is preferable, breed less and use/consume less, coffee, cola, cider.

    One side is objectively right, but uncommon amongst the "great un-washed" and the other is objectively wrong, but common amongst the general populance, so all you're left with is subjectivity.

    Breed less, re-educate-and-re-inform, automate, there-by using/consuming less and automating blue-collar laboring job's/ranks/positions and mechanise-and-democratise white-collar working career's/professions/occupations.

    Political personality royalism and political party loyalism is objectively observably pointless
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