Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Peace Attack, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    for a beginner how long will a 50 peice last?
  2. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    a 50 peace,im guessing you mean a gram and depends on how big you want your lines,========= you want them like that for your first one ive done shit like twice as thick and a littile longer,done over do it a person can OD on a gram,i once did 3 lines pretty big lines in a monster line and wow i was good for a hour, so it depends on how big they are i mean coke can last a week if you do a line a day,but if you do a line a hour probably 7 or 8 hours
  3. Weatherman

    Weatherman Member

    Start small and work your way up. Based on how its effecting you you'll get a pretty good sense of whether or not more is a good idea. The first time I did blow I did two small lines, then about an hour later did one more. Smoke some bowls when you're coming down. I usually get a headache and my stomach hurts when I'm coming down.
  4. Jack_Straw2208

    Jack_Straw2208 Senior Member

    i like to drink my coke...
  5. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    yeah smoke weed on the come down,i cant tell you how many times thats helped both coke and speed comdowns for me also makes it easyer to get to sleep when you coming off of it
  6. iamwhatiam

    iamwhatiam Banned

    it's hard to say.

    depends how good it is, the size, and method of administration...

    i do it every once and a while but i'm honestly a little scared everytime i do use because i shoot it up (don't like snorting) and almost always get some kind of (bad) reaction to it. my body don't like it... .
  7. TJiLLe

    TJiLLe Member

    heh.. yes shooting up the coke can give some very negative reactions. Some bad paranoia can rise from that.
  8. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    I snorted the whole half gram when I tried it and I had fun for 1-2 hours, the comedown DOES suck, for me I jus walk aruond lots. Also smoking weed while on coke isnt good cuz you barely feel it, but smoking it after is awsome. When you mean 50 peice do you mean soft of rock?
  9. iamwhatiam

    iamwhatiam Banned

    but one hell of a head rush, let me tell you! 10x better than snorting it i think..
  10. TJiLLe

    TJiLLe Member

    i second that. IV cocaine is probably the most intense high i have experienced. Right after that comes ketamine IV

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