coincidences, synchronicities, omens, etc.

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by BlackGuardXIII, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. BlackGuardXIII

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    A good example of the kind of coincidence I mean was the time I got hit on the leg with a baseball. It left a round bruise just like times it has happened. This one time though, my brother and I were walking home from the movies, and we climbed a tree to see over the outfield fence to find out the score of a baseball game. It was the bottom of the ninth, and one of us said wouldn't it be neat if he hit it right to us. and then he did, and the game was over. It hit me on the leg because my Brother was in front of me and could see it coming, the outfielder didn't, he had lost it in the lights and was backing up to our left and that's where I was looking for it, above him. John ducked out of the way and it hit me. And the game was over, and we had not been in the tree five minutes.
  2. BlackBillBlake

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    It can be strange the way things seem to line up at times in terms of co-incidences etc. What's more difficult is to see if there is any kind of underlying meaning being shown in an oblique way to us by such things. In a way, thats probably the source of ideas about divination - tarot, I Ching and so on.
  3. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    I was reading a mountaineering book by Joe Simpson, and was about half way through when I volunteered to man a booth promoting a free east timor. the free tibet booth next to us had a visit from a tibetan monk. I met him. That night I read two pages further in my book, and there he was....Palden Gyatzo or something like that. What are the odds that he would be in Vancouver Canada, right beside me, and then I would turn the page and see him in the book I was reading?
  4. BlackBillBlake

    BlackBillBlake Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I've experienced many things like that - the odds against such co-incidence is what makes them stand out. It seems that everything is linked, connected in ways we don't see normally.

    Just the other day I had another minor one - Some time ago, about 4-5 years ago - I was looking for some english poems to set to music. I looked at the short works of Lord Byron, and decided 'So we'll go no more a Roving' would be suitable. I got distracted, and never got round to taking it further. The other day, I saw a new Leonard Cohen album on a wbsite, the first track of which is called 'So we'll go no more a Roving'. Got it on order, so soon I'll know if he's done the same thing or written a new song of the same name.
    But thats only one small example. It seems to me that once you start to notice these things, they can seem to pile up.
    I once read 'The Centre of the Cyclone' by John C. Lilly - he claims there is what he calls CCCC - cosmic co-incidence control centre. This would suggest that these so called co-incidences are rich in some kind of significance.
  5. Kharakov

    Kharakov ShadowSpawn

    Significant all right. A lot of the time I pull out from this one road there is a 62 on the license plate in front of me. The last 3 houses I've lived in had a 62 in the address. 13s seem to pop up a lot as well. I figure for things like this to happen, there has to be some smart ass motherfucker setting things up for me to knock down.

    Not to mention the fact that I will be thinking about something, and then someone will start a conversation about it, or it will appear on TV when I turn the TV on.

    Fuckin' God...
  6. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    so, did you pay attention to that? what did you learn from him? was there a message that he gave you or that you gave to him? what did he learn from you?

    btw i believe that synchronicities are like glowing red neon signs that tell us to wake up and really pay attention because the universe is trying to give us a message.
  7. MeAgain

    MeAgain Dazed and Confused Staff Member Super Moderator

    Jung was into this.

    I also have a book called Synchronicity, The Bridge Between Mind and Matter, F. David Peat, 1987
    But, I forget what it said as I probably read it in 1987.

    I do remember that the difference between coincidence and synchronicity is that synchronicity has meaning, coincidence does not.

    If anyone likes, when I get time I'll look for some quotes from this book. (I should have some Jung around here also)
  8. thumontico

    thumontico Member

    I guess it makes sense. Instead of God feeding starving children around the world or stopping genocide He spends his day perpetrating nice little coincidences for the 6 billion humans on Earth. Well thats neat.
  9. I believe the phenomena you speak of to be very real.

    We are manifestation magnets - if we ask we shall receive. pay attention to these omens, they are speaking to you directly.
  10. Turn

    Turn Member

  11. BlackBillBlake

    BlackBillBlake Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Problem is that its not always easy to see what these things are saying. Also, they happen quite spontaneously with no need to ask.
  12. Kharakov

    Kharakov ShadowSpawn

    Pisses me off to see these coincidences happen to me constantly without me having any material benefits. Ohh well. That's God for yah.
  13. Kharakov

    Kharakov ShadowSpawn

    If there is a meaning intended for you, you would know it. First you need to recognize the intention behind everything that happens, and then you will except the significance of thoughts that arise because of these 'coincidences'.
  14. BlackBillBlake

    BlackBillBlake Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    If I knew the intention behind everything that happens - assuming there is one, and that 'intent' at this level isn't just an obscure and illusory category - then I wouldn't need to worry about co-incidence or anything else to see the meaning of events - if there is one.
    But with co-incidences I've found they can be misleading. Or even seemingly meaningless.
    Still - I do personally believe in a 'web of synchronicity' or something like that.
    I also think that its possible to tune into this - I am quite interested in the I Ching. But where just random things like persistently recurring numbers go, I'm not sure they really make me think of anything but 'there's 11:56 again' or something along those lines. The only message would seem to be that there are indeed mysterious connections between things. All is part of one Big Picture. Although having said that, actually the numbers 11 and 56 are said to posess occult significance........
    It's far from clear cut, all this.
  15. Kharakov

    Kharakov ShadowSpawn

    I was not talking of deciphering a specific intent. I am saying that if you see something arise that is significant to you, I believe there is intent behind it. The intent might be to get your attention or amuse you.
  16. Myranya

    Myranya Slytherin Girl

    I don't believe there is intent behind coincidences. Think about it this way... how many times did you meet someone, and read a book, and *didn't* find them mentioned in there? How many people have gone to a baseball game and even said it'd be cool if someone hit the ball their way, and it *didn't* happen? The odds are very high, yes, but there are also lots and lots and lots of people reading books & meeting people... and lots and lots and lots of people watching baseball games... It would be against the odds if coincidences *didn't* happen.
    Plus we seek patterns. Our brains *want* coincidences to happen, so we often remember the things we think are significant. We remember the times we see our 'lucky number', and all the times we went without seeing it are quickly gone from our memory without registering. We look for patterns, either consciously or unconsciously, and we'll see them, just like we see patterns in clouds.
    Don't take me wrong, I love coincidences, it's really cool when one happens and they certainly do amuse me... but I don't believe in a 'higher intent' of some kind.
  17. Spinor

    Spinor Member

    Complex conscious 'significance' and/or 'meaning' is 'constructed', not 'found'. Conscious notions are 'post facto', and usually require a substantial history of quantum jumps to identify and/or establish any specific significance (at least in the cases of complex living beings).

    As such, you cannot 'miss' an opportunity, because 'opportunity' is a reflective construct of, and about, quantum histories.

    You can however, learn to notice a recurrent opportunity apriori to it . This is owing to the reflective symmetry of creative conscious flow. There is always a relative and nominal symmetry, with both 'forwards' and backwards' motion.

    There is always something to be found which is either, and both, an object and a reflection of something 'previous' and proceeding.
  18. Kharakov

    Kharakov ShadowSpawn

    Yeah. If everything kept happening in that manner, it would loose significance quickly. That is why there are only specific 'coincidences' at certain times, instead of constant coincidences. Not that you can't enjoy a spell of a large amount of coincidences, but like vitamins, too many (much) are probably detrimental to your spiritual development.

    Well, eventually, when you do (maybe after you die), you can look back and see the intent behind both 'coincidence' (divine communication) and the background of the universe (dirt, hydrogen clouds, etc.). Look at a coincidence as a fruit grown in dirt (environment) for your enjoyment and health. They were planted (the seed is physical and spiritual law) long ago at the start of time, tended by the gardener until the time of fruition.
  19. BlackBillBlake

    BlackBillBlake Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I agree with you there - it could well be to get attention to shift in some way that these things happen. Or to remind us that the world is more of a mystery than we know at times.
  20. Kharakov

    Kharakov ShadowSpawn

    I was going out to party last night and glanced at a church beside me. I was a little bit antsy, not to anxious, but a little out of sorts. Kept walking, and looked at a car that was parked in front of the church. It had FB in the license plate (which is the most basic 62...), it was one of those wierd plates too, just 4 characters seperated by a dash. I was walking back from the bar, past the same church and saw a few cars in a row with 62 on the plate (parked the other direction on the same side of the road as the first car). The first car in the row had 623062 on the plate (FW0FB?). All right near the church that used to throw death metal and punk shows in it's basement when I was a kid (maybe they still do, now I hit bars instead :)). After I saw that clump of 62's in front of the church, I felt more relaxed (or maybe it was the klonipin?). My attention got shifted in a good way... I felt that I was partying with God as well as my mortal friends. Pretty cool to not forget about God while you are out partying.

    Proceeded to get all lit up, my girlfriend says I called her at 4am last night, I barely remember it :).

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