Coffeeshops that serve alcohol - are there any left?

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by canada7, May 6, 2007.

  1. canada7

    canada7 Member

    I heard about the new law, what a bummer!

    Has this taken effect 100% - or are there still a couple to be found? How about Hunter's Bar?

    Thank you!
  2. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    heard a rumor that dutch flowers may continue to do both (as I don't think they have ever had a liquor license)

    its not a problem though.....just find a smoke friendly bar (the last waterhole by leidseplein, rookies 2nd location, the bar right next to homegrown fantasy, Nes, Rick's Cafe, etc) and bring your grass with you....
  3. Volcanfuel

    Volcanfuel Member

    I have not seen an alcohol bar here all week that sells weed. This actually works on your favor, as you dont feel obligated to buy the bars weed. Which means you pick the weed you want out at the shops, bring it to the bar, get your drink, and smoke your weed. Its as simple as that. I think most of the bars let you do this. Theres no need for a list. I saw this happening all over the place
  4. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Ah, but can you now light up in ANY bar in Amsterdam? That would be nice...
  5. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    you certainly can't smoke in ALL bars.....
    I'd venture to say you can smoke in less than 25% of beer bars.....
  6. a-dam

    a-dam Member

    Just got back from A'dam and found one bar that had beer on tap and plenty of weed they were selling behind the bar. Have some bars found a loophole? Does anyone know how they get away with this?
  7. Only beer available at any licensed coffeeshop in Amsterdam is non-alcoholic. A couple of coffeeshops do have non-alcoholic beer on tap or in bottles. NO LOOPHOLES!
  8. buckeye guy

    buckeye guy Member

    Did you bother to ask anyone behind the Mystery bar what the story was with their bud sales? I might have been too curious to let this question simmer until now. You may have actually received an answer, then.
  9. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    I heard the Greenhouse centrum is now empty as they no longer sell alcohol...

    Hey, Itsamagicallife, how about a review of the new Greenhouse? Got any pix?
  10. a-dam

    a-dam Member

    This place had Amstel on draft. It looked nothing like other coffeeshops; just a bar with weed behind the counter.
  11. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    Nice Bar with food in the red light up from the Bull Dogs. nice restaurant with booze a bit before Barney's. Since the alcohol prohibition DeKuil / 420 has dropped the DKuil and so a hundred year or so brown bar bits the dust. At least they still play Zappa.
  12. Many coffeeshops look like a bar with marijuana/hash behind the counter. And some of them have non-alcholic Amstel on tap.

    So did you drink the beer? What was the name of this place?

    Any licensed coffeeshop found selling alcohol would be closed down permanently and that coffeshop license would not even be allowed to be transferred to a new owner or another location.

    What part of no loopholes do you not understand?
  13. I've spent very little time at the Greenhouse over the last few years. The liquor ban has put a dent in their sales but they raised the rest of their drink prices.

    The new Greenhouse on Haarlemstraat (used to be Blue Velvet) was nicely redone inside. They serve some food which some say needs lots of improvement.

    The Haarlemstraat is the new in place for smokers this year. Dampkring bought out Pink Floyd and so far has kept it similar except for it's marijuana/hash menu. Barney's has bought a restaurant across the street from their coffeeshop and it's now a smoker friendly restaurant (at least to July 1, 2008). There no longer is the big food menu at Barney's Coffeeshop. Barney's Brasserie a few doors down from the coffeeshop is now closed but the rumor is it will reopen as a Barney's Farm seed & merchandise shop.
  14. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    It's so AMAZING to me that the Dutch would restrict ALCOHOL consumption at all.

    The Dutch have made a great living off people's vices for 500 years.

    Why the sudden change?

    Certainly better to restrict alcohol consumption (a deadly drug) vs. Cannabis consumption (a safe, soft drug).

    I'm really surprised that Heineken, Grolsh and Amstel didn't lobby against this and succeed.
  15. a-dam

    a-dam Member

    Now I get it -- it was non-alcoholic Amstel. Why don't you lighten up a bit?
  16. There were less than 50 coffeeshops still selling alcohol in Amsterdam (and none for many years in the rest of the Netherlands) so I guess it won't effect the bottom line of the beer companies. One of the reasons the Dutch government gave for ending alcohol sales in the coffeeshops is they wanted not to have soft drugs (marijuana) and hard drugs (alcohol) for sale at the same place. More likely just another attempt to make life harder for the licensed coffeeshops.

    It wasn't a sudden change. The Dutch government has been trying to end alcohol sales in coffeeshops since the mid 90's. But in April 2004 the coffeeshops were notified that they had 3 years to decide to stay a coffeeshop or just a bar. Only about 6 coffeeshops gave up their marijuana license on April 1, 2007.

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