codeine/promethazin prices in toledo oh

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by gdf13pointfupayme, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. need some help from people in ohio. how much do pints go for of this sizzurup??
  2. happydude_60

    happydude_60 Senior Member

    I wasn't aware you could get cough syrup with Codeine otc in the U.S. I know you can in Canada though.
  3. you can? i was not aware of this. please elaborate.

    When my friend buys pints from the US, most supplies charge the same price 3 bills a pint.... insane..
  4. happydude_60

    happydude_60 Senior Member

    Well, as far as I'm aware you need a prescription to get any narcotic or narcotic-containing product in the U.S. I've read posts on here before by people from Canada who say you can get cough syrup in Canada that contains Codeine otc. Not much, something like 8mg/ml or something like that, which really isn't very much Codeine. But I don't know the name of any particular store in which you can get it. But not in the U.S.

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