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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Sadpandas1316, Apr 17, 2017.

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    I had a gram of new product given to me, when I snort it, it burns but it doesn't numb anything. What could it be
  2. Did you get warm and sleepy? Because heroin burns and can be mistaken for coke. I doubt that's the case but it is possible. It's could be some other form of speed I guess. But we need to know more about it.
  3. What does it do when you mix it with water.
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    I come from Texas. Lots of quality cocaine and Mexican meth around. It's been my experience, it's hard to find quality cocaine that doesn't burn anymore. 10 years ago, we use to buy ounces of cocaine in Texas for $400.00 on the street, most times it would be a chunk broken off, with a symbol on the top that was usually broken off when removed from the brick. It would look like a little ridge in a design pattern through the cocaine on the piece that you buy. When you break it down it kind of flakes off and is really soft after broken down. Hold it under a light and it will have a beige tint color to it. Let me remind you, this is when Cocaine was $40.00 a gram and meth was $100.00 a gram.

    Now days Cocaine is $60.00 a gram, and meth is $20.00-$40.00 a gram. It's been my experience living near the border, much of the cocaine now days is being cut with meth. Why not? It gets you high, gets you going, and is half the price of cocaine. Back when cocaine was cheaper than meth, you wouldn't see this much, now it is becoming more common.

    Just fyi, the majority of cocaine now days is being cut with meth. Did it get you high?

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