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Discussion in 'Florida' started by SpottedEagle, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. SpottedEagle

    SpottedEagle Member

    Hi All,

    Great thing this Hip Forum stuff, just found it. Hey, we are in need of some serious "hip inside information". My beloved and I began our pilgramige from Marin County last October, looking for a place to call home that we can afford to live in. Marin was very cool in many ways, but millionaires we are not, LOL!

    We love the beach but NOT the hurricaines so we are thinking about finding some cool little town to live in or even somewhere in the country say like 45min to an hours drive inland from a very cool beach. We are hoping to find an area that is alternative, i.e. "hip", meaning like health food stores, yoga, the barest minimum of Bush voters, etc.. I think you get the picture, yes?

    Currently we are living near Pensacola, beautiful crystal clear water here, a slice of paradise, but I think maybe 2 or 3 people here didnt vote for Bush, massive military vibe, and health food? yoga? whats that?

    So, any thoughts on the subject or good advice or leads will be most appreciated.

    Ralph and Manda
  2. seaweedyness

    seaweedyness Member

    im not sure where Pensacola is (I live in New Jersey) but in 2 years my family is moving down to the west coast of florida. i think its called Coral Bay or coralsomethingorother, and i dont think its very hippish, but near there they told me about an island thats very artsy and such. im not sure if that means its hippie-artsy, or like theatre-artsy, but either way you should check it out :)
  3. The cove is well protected from all quadrants, although it is somewhat open to the southeast. The beaches here are simply beautiful, and swimming may very well be your major daytime activity. Barefoot elegance,breathtakingly beautiful, and peaceful all describe anchoring out. Remote havens remain unspoiled, many reachable only by boat.
  4. I dont know about N.Fl except for St. Augustine. Dont waste your time coming south.
    All the negative stuff you mention and more. MALL*MART rednex, pop-collared
    kountry klub kiddies and MTV gangsters have taken over. If you have even
    the slightest social conscience or concern for stuff we care about you will be
    crushed. There is much beauty, but the people wreck it. I try to have empathy for
    all people but this mindset/environment is testing all my kung-fu skillz.
  5. PeaceAndRasta

    PeaceAndRasta Senior Member

    trust me and move to the east side,...
    thats where all the fun is!!!:D
    dont get stuck in a redneck twon!;)
  6. whatever you do, dont move to Ft. Lauderdale or Pompano. if you dont have money, it absolutely sucks. and theres as much "hip' stuff to do as there is in a retirement community. the beaches have are really narrow, although the water is kinda nice. and the amount of tourists here year round is really irritating. and another thing, all property is hella expensive!
  7. MayQueen~420~

    MayQueen~420~ ♫♪♫♪

    Wow you just summed up Polk County
  8. TiHKAL

    TiHKAL Member

    i live in a quaint little town called new smyrna beach about 30 minutes or so south of daytona. we have art festivals almost every month,were right on the river lots of hip people,lots of not so hip people as well :/ definatly not a rich area,i think youd love it here.
  9. MayQueen~420~

    MayQueen~420~ ♫♪♫♪

    Yeah New Smyrna beach is pretty freakin' kick ass and affordable, believe it or not so is some parts of Daytona Beach. Me and my old lady checked it out last September when we went there for my b day.
  10. logintheboss

    logintheboss Guest

    move to myakka city.thats about a 45 to 60 minute drive to anna maria island

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