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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by greenthumbs, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. greenthumbs

    greenthumbs Member

    I saw an ad for Co2Boost in Cannabis Culture. It comes with a bucket and pump and is "all natural". One bucket of Co2Boost should supply sufficient Co2 to your plants for 60 days, in a small grow room. Mine is 8x12' Cost is $125 for bucket and pump, bucket replacement is $100. Anyone tried this and if so what did you think?
  2. greenthumbs

    greenthumbs Member

    Okay, so no one wants to talk about the Boost Bucket. Well, I ordered one and it arrived yesterday. Real easy to set up. Took about 1 minute. So I closed my 8x12 growroom off and turned it on high. I am 5 weeks into my budding with a HPS 1000w. I have 4 big sativas and 3 indica. I plan on another 4 or 5 weeks to finish and a 2 1/2 week flush before harvest. So I am hoping to have my first joint of my grow by the middle of May.
  3. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Sorry my man!

    Must have gapped out and missed this one :)

    Hows about giving some specs on the Boost Bucket? It does look like an affordable way to generate CO2 without having a flame. I am curious as to the final results and how its setup. I am sure there are a bunch of lurkers considering the bucket.

    <edit> I mean: How you set it up, hoses, air pump, nuts and bolts stuff.

    and get some picks of those lovely ladies!

    Thanks for bringing this one back up!

  4. sr20steez

    sr20steez Member

    I plan on using 2 of these buckets on a crop of widow nl x rock bud and bubblicious under 1000w will report back with results
  5. greenthumbs

    greenthumbs Member

    I ordered the Boost Bucket and have been using it for 7 days. It took less than a minute to hook it up. Take the sticky off the center of the bucket's lid, insert the pump, attached the tube with a twist tie to the back of my circulating fan and plugged it in on high. This is my first indoor grow with 1000w lights and soiless (I use rockwool) so I'm not sure how well the CO2 bucket is working. I am real pleased with my girls. My husband gave me the nickname Greenthumbs. I was thinking that I would be havesting around the 15th -20th of May. Now watching the trichomes on my plants I am thinking I'll havest a week or two ahead of schedule. This is not my first grow by any means, I've been smoking since the 60's and growing since the 80's.
    I have my script for medicinal cannabis and don't want to buy anymore. My husband and I figure we spend at least $8,000 on pot ($300 an oz) a year. I figure 2 more ozs ought to get us through to havest and then my pot guy has lost a really good customer and wel'll save a lot of $$$.
  6. greenthumbs

    greenthumbs Member

    Forgot to tell you to go to their site Real interesting, tells you all about their product.
  7. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Sweet! Thank-you for sharing the info :)

    The 1K watter does make a difference!

    Two Green thumbs up for ya! :D
  8. greenthumbs

    greenthumbs Member

    I bought the CO2 BOOST BUCKET on April 8th and today, May 3, I am harvesting my sativa and indica plants ( their trichomes are milky and amber) 2 weeks earlier than I planned on. Will I purchase a replacement bucket? I think I will, I am really happy about harvesting early.

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