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    well, i know this is pretty stupid and probably not even a real confession but anyway, because i've started dressing quite differently/more hippie-like than most of my friends and the people at school, i've become too obsessed with what i wear which is exactly what i wanted to avoid when i started dressing other words i'm back to square one only with hippie clothing instead of regular.. i'm fully aware of the fact that "hippieness" comes from the inside and not from what clothes you wear, and i'm not a 14-year old hippie wannabe who's only interested in it because of pot or stuff like that, i became interested in the hippie lifestyle because it's what feels right for me, and because many of the (stereotype, yeah.. i know) opinions resemble my own. but i still haven't been able to prevent ending up in this situation.. and now it's really starting to bother me. i just can't get my thoughts sorted out enough to stop thinking so much about it. is there a chance that anyone in here has ever been in a similar situtation but got over it?
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    so you're worried about worrying about your clothing heh? what made you start to "dress like a hippy" maybe it is just because you wannabe a hippy? it sounds like you dont exactly feel comfortable in your clothes, you can dress "regular" (i'd rather just say modern but what ever) and still be a hippy.

    any way sounds like your worrying about the wrong things, your only 14 (i assume from your post) the only thing you should 'worry' about is doing well at school and being happy.
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    go naked!
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    I've kinda been through want you are talking about. I want to tell you, that I don't think you're a wannabe simply because I don't think that a wannabe would have this problem. I have many different styles of clothes-both modern and "hippie". I just dress however I feel. For me, this was quite a struggle for a while. I prefer "hippie" dress because it humbles me and I seem to feel closer to God. I know that clothing doesn't do any of that, but it allows my spirit to be more free and therefore I can do those things. So-what I want to say to you...dress however you want to, be yourself- NOT who everyone wants you to be, express yourself in your dress and do what makes YOU happy inside. I'm learning that to most people, it doesn't really matter what you look like as long as you are a good person and you let your light shine. People will like that and will be more accepting of however you look.

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