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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by respect_the_fro, May 26, 2004.

  1. So, this is where i am supposed to introduce myself. I find it utterly impossible to write these things. How can i come up with a little paragraph or two to let you people...from here on ill call you the on my personality. Well im certainly a square peg in a round hole, but i figure on a site like this the reader probably gets that a lot. I guess the premier part of who i am is the fact that i love people, i really do. I love humans for their humanity...its that simple. Never do i limit anyone, life is so amazing for its dynamic capabilities, im excited by the fact that everyone has the ability to put positive energy into the world. I am not however a social activist. No one can change the world, and im not going to burn myself out tryin. I like to think of myself as a social outlaw, "when freedom is outlawed ony outlaws will be free", is a quote that some of the more well read...ugh...readers will understand. Hows about postin if you know where thats from, id like to find out exactly how recognizable that book is. Oh drats, ive given you a hint. Well i was going to leave you with a quote, but considering i just gave you one, it might be ill just say good bye
    ~~may your life always be as vivid as your dreams~~
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    Cool man. Welcome to a world of open thought. You may be ridiculed, you may be complimented but you can always say your piece. I'm common to hop on the soap box and scream about nonscence at the top of my lungs.... Go for it. Dig the quote by the way. You should make it your sig...
  3. Hola and welcome, respect'. I'm quite new as well, and completely by-passed the introduction thing (if you're fashionably late, don't make a song and dance about it ;) ) for similar reasons; how do you define yourself to a global audience? How do you get across your senses of identity, personality, and anything else you care to share without writing 2 pages of bio, alienating people straight away or attracting way too much attention...

    It's a tricky game.

    I think that quote was (gasp) 1984? Your clue about it being recognisable led me to that (i've only read the beginning of that book, i was at a friends and thought reading whilst drunk until sunrise was possible :eek: ) Otherwise I'm stumped.

    Take care (gang)
    See you around soon
  4. Nope, the quote isnt 1984, think more contemporary...
  5. moon_flower

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    I love you....:p

    But, welcome!

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