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    so yesterday me an dilli went on our normal town trip,groceries,laundry etc.
    we are like a mile from the house on a rural back road an come around a corner an there are 2 cops sitting there,we pass an they come out right behind us. we get lit up,by the time i pull over theres 3 there,then a 4th comes up an checks an leaves.
    the seargent wont tell us why we are bein pulled over,nothin.
    next thing i know im bein asked to step outta the car.

    mind you the car has groceries,laundry,300 pounds of animal feed an 25 gallons of spring water in it,, BUT NO DRUGS.
    they ask if they can search, an reluctantly i say yes.
    long story short they spent almost a hour goin thru our vehicle, an found a couple seeds that were like 5 years old, an then wanted to go thru dillis purse, she had to give them her sweet ass glass piece(paraphernalia is a misdemeanor here).
    they finally said the reason they searched the car was cause they smelt pot. which was bullshit cause we been out for 4 days.
    an the reason they pulled us over was the bumper stickers on the back window.

    then they told us thank you for your cooperation,an let us go,no tickets,no warnings nothing.

    we think when we went to eat at the waffle house there was a nark there,we know most the waitresses there an were chatting with them. the local awful waffle is known for its meth deals,they bust someone there about once a week.

    anyway it gos we were definitely profiled,an they definitely wasted a lotta time for nothing.

    im sure they were disappointed.. HA HA.
    fuckin pigs.

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