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Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by rchelms11, May 27, 2013.

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    hello i will try to keep this short and sweet - honestly im not sure exactly what my question is i am basically just seeking opinions or advice from anyone who has experienced something similar. i am currently seeing a girl who appears to be majorly desensitized in her clitoris. she is very sexual - enjoys intercourse and has intense vaginal orgasms but claims she recieves little to no stimulation during oral sex on her clitoris or manual masturbation. is it possible that she was just born different? she also has several chronic illnesses for which she must take an extremely strong form of opiate as she has built up tolerances to most typical painkillers. i am mainly wondering why something like this would occur - if i just have to majorly change my gameplan in the bedroom. thanks!
  2. "she also has several chronic illnesses for which she must take an extremely strong form of opiate as she has built up tolerances to most typical painkillers. i am mainly wondering why something like this would occur - if i just have to majorly change my gameplan in the bedroom. thanks!"

    Gonna take a gander here based on the above. ^^^
    Because she is taking extremely strong opiates. They desensitize you.
    When I was on opiates I could hardly ever, ever, EVER have any kind of orgasm. So, I can almost guarantee that's why. Assuming that's the case, at least she can have some sort. :)
  3. dastud

    dastud Member

    If she can orgasm - what's the problem?
  4. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    He never said there was a problem. He sounds like he was just increasing his awareness about sexual health.
  5. PandaSquish

    PandaSquish Member

    Some girls are either not sensitive, or just don't like clit play. Her medications very well might be the root of the issue too. If she enjoys herself and cums, I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. Mountain Valley Wolf

    Mountain Valley Wolf Senior Member

    I suggest that we study the problem----------cut it off and dissect it to see if it is normal. You may have to tie her down to do this. But don't worry----it is for the betterment of science-------or at least getting to the root of this problem.

    What does a normal dissected clitoris look like? That's a good question, but we can worry about that later. first, just cut it off and dissect it carefully. If we can't find anything to compare it to in any medical texts going back to say the 17th or 18th centuries, then simply have sex with another girl, and if her clitoris is normal, tie her up, cut it off, and dissect it for comparison. Be sure and make very detailed and descriptive diagrams and keep notes, otherwise it will all have to be repeated again on the next girl with a desensitized clitoris. Photographs would be good too. (Note: you might have to find another girl to have sex with anyway while your partner heals-----unless you feel that the pain of sex shortly after dismemberment is a crucial part of the experiment).

    --------Oh, and I just remembered-----before dissecting it, attach it to two wires and suspend it in a beaker. run the wires to a battery, or transformer, and record how it reacts when power is applied. If you need a control experiment, then do the same thing with frog legs (I'm sure you have seen diagrams of this experiment in old medical and biological textbooks). Be sure and record any movement it makes.

    You could then present your papers to distinguished guests and peers at some big medical convention (preferrably in Europe--top hats and waist coats required). You should be able to get at least 2 papers out of this: 'Anatomical differences between an abnormal and normal clitoris,' and 'Electrochemical impulses of the severed human clitoris as compared to those of the severed legs of a frog.' But I am sure there is a multitude of papers you can generate from this: 'The Impact of Opiate use on the anatomical structure of the human clitoris,' 'The Physioethical effects of the clitoris and the woman's curse,' 'Deterioration of the human clitoris, following clitorectomy, and the low probability of reattachment,' 'The psychological implications of a severed clitoris,' 'The impact of an unexpected and unwanted clitorectomy on a heterosexual relationship,' 'A sociological study of victims of clitorectomy in Western culture (or, can she still achieve orgasm, or will she instead find a new partner?),' 'The Clitoris, a Kantian study of the thing qua thing,' 'Expected deterioration times of the human clitoris in a GE refrigerator,' 'Taste differences between the human clitoris sauteed in garlic and butter, vs red wine and onion.'

    As you can see, you will be able to produce papers under all kinds of disciplines as long as you carefully study your severed piece of flesh...

    (p.s. if you let her read this response first----it may be harder to achieve results----a bit of chasing around, and stronger ropes will probably be needed...)
  7. Mountain Valley Wolf

    Mountain Valley Wolf Senior Member

    Oh yes-----don’t forget this important paper that may become standard reading in hospital emergency rooms around the world: ‘Successful means of stopping bleeding in cases of severe vaginal trauma,’ or consequently, depending on results, ‘Unsuccessful means of stopping bleeding in cases of severe vaginal trauma.’

    Also I forgot to include a paper in regards to religious disciplines. Here are two examples, ‘If God wanted them to have them, he wouldn’t have made it so easy to chop them off,’ and ‘The dubious and precarious position of the clitoris, proof that god is a man.’ (Now in the case of the last paper, some may argue that, “…it is not located in a precarious or dubious position, in fact it is protected by several layers of vaginal lips, and much of its structure is within the body…etc, etc, etc,” to which you respond, “Hey! I cut it off didn’t I?” But then they may respond with, “Yes, but with much stabbing and sawing, and also taking off much of the surrounding flesh around it, after which you still had to try to pull it out, followed by much digging and slicing, and mutilation of a massive portion of the pubic region, and even then much of the connected nerve tissue broke off and retracted into the jagged…”-----well you know how it goes...)
  8. creampie00

    creampie00 If you can't DODGE it....RAM it!

    I agree with this too based on personal experience. I was having dental issues so I took loads of pain killers.....I was able to cum but it took hours. Not saying I didnt enjoy every second of it, it just seems like if you are on opiates, you really have to work to get a good orgasm. be persistent :)
  9. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    ^I note the sarcasm here, but on a semi-serious and cringeworthy context...I thought that dark periods of human history already did this kinda of research, why does it have to be repeated?

    Also even if one takes that advice seriously, and doesn't know your being sarcastic. (God forbid someone in another country not developed reads your post and doesn't get the concept of sarcasm)

    Cutting anything off ruins the whole study of the nerve cell connections and response from any said body part, to the spine and thus to the brain.

    If science were to get involved here, the best method would be to monitor the nervous system in the brain while a said person masturbates or has sex. Better if she gives prior consent to being watched for a study at a random time unknown to her so as not to bias her body's response because of the factor of knowing she's being watched.
  10. Mountain Valley Wolf

    Mountain Valley Wolf Senior Member

    Yes-----it was a parody of a darker time from the earlier days of empirical science (hence the reference to the frog legs attached to electrodes, and top hats and waist coats, and so forth) among other things that it parodied (women's rights, clitorectomies, science, the 'disciplines,' objectivistic rationalism, Cartesian philosophy, human relations, the OP's question (no harm intended---the op asked a valid question, and as you yourself pointed out, was probably to increase his knowledge of sexual health-----but it presented such a ripe opportunity to inject some humor ala Merry Prankster style (and this is hip forum---who would the hippies have been without the Merry Pranksters?)), etc).

    Now some people might be offended by jokes and parodies over female rights or female sexuality. But they would surely fail to understand that great strides in race relations were made in the 1970's through the seemingly racist humor of Archie Bunker---which people laughed at, and through which they subconsciously, and sometimes consciously saw themselves, and their own prejudices, reflected in it. If a feminist were to write such things, then obviously it was to make a point. The difference is that I have a penis.

    Others might think that it brought up too much imagery of gore, and to them I say... ummm..., ...I... uh---never mind that...

    Might someone in another less developed country take this as serious? I have traveled around the world, and even lived in less developed countries---like Canada (Just kidding!!!)---seriously though, I have lived and traveled in the third world and can feel strongly enough about our fellow men to say that, no----no one in a sane state of mind would take this serious (though anyone who misunderstands and thinks I am serious would probably conclude that I am insane). Yes those under-developed countries are filled with humans too-----even if they do have a few bad apples that have no qualms over human trafficking, trampling over the rights of others, and so forth. And even those cultures that for strongly masculine-dominant religious reasons actually still perform clitorectomies----they are still filled with humans.

    After all, after Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, I think world-wide there were only 15 cases of people attempting to use sewn together body parts to reanimate dead tissue and create a monster. (I just made that up----I don't really think it happened).

    Come to think of it----I never have been to North Korea-------perhaps you are right... ;-)

    Your technical points on severed nerves are correct----but for those darker periods of our history-----they are several centuries or more too late. We look at those times and think how terrible it was, and how empirical science objectified living things to create such terrible results. Yet we fail to realize that we live in a modern world that continues to objectify all living things, including-----or should I say, especially, human beings-----at a grossly blatant level. In other words, to the companies we work for, and buy from, and are forced to deal with; to local and national governments; to religious and social institutions; and to all the other man made powers that be, we are nothing more than the experimenter's girlfriend, dehumanized to where our clitoris is cruelly sliced off in an act of cold, dead-hearted, objectivistic experimentation, in an attempt to learn something that can never truly be learned because we have destroyed its very essence. Or, to be more exact, to use us, or to take from us, in dehumanized ways that never should be, replacing our essence (our humanity) with dead and meaningless numbers and statistics. In the end, society is left with nothing more than a dead piece of rotting flesh----a severed clitoris.

    But we all are human...

    Oh my-----I have twisted this thread into an entirely different abstract direction...

    Forget everything I wrote in this and my previous 2 posts-----

    ---------Yes, I think it was the opiates that created the problem----though some girls are less sensitive in their clitoris than others.
  11. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    ^You put on your philosophy hat and stood on a soapbox for sure.

    But good show good show!
  12. Mountain Valley Wolf

    Mountain Valley Wolf Senior Member

    Thank you----I'm glad you appreciated it.

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