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Discussion in 'Ohio' started by Squonk71, Jan 16, 2009.

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    Iam 37 and I would realy like to find a younger girl for a realtionship. I don't want to justget down your pants. I just seem to be attracted to younger girls.

    here is alittle about me:

    I attend Cleveland State U. pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies. I also have a Pilots Lic. I’m fascinated by weather especially, thunderstorms and tornadoes. I love camping, fishing and being outdoors in nature. I have a doggie Amelia, she is 5 yrs. old. Intelligent conversation from music, politics & everything in between is awesome stimulation! I love learning new things or ideas. I have an affinity for History and Archaeology.I dig film noir, indie films, and deco art. I try to live simple with as little drama as possible. I’m geeky at times and shy, some would say introverted. I like small groups of close friends. I’m not a huge fan of bars unless it is a nice cozy bar where perhaps I can toss a few darts.

    Heres what would be really cool for what Iam looking for:

    A very cool girl. 18-30. I tend to be attracted to the nerdy, geeky type girls. I would like to find a girl that has a good head on her shoulders, Isn't into the "party" scene and someone who doesn't mind sitting at home some nights just watching tv or sitting on the porch. I'm looking for someone I can be myself around and have fun with that person, be it taking a ride on the motorcycle or going to sit down by the lake or just sharring a cup of coffee. I would realy like to find someone interested in a long term relationship.

    yeah so thats what I would like to find and stuff

    here is alink to my myspace for a picture

    or I am on yahoo and AIM

    Yahoo- geo71
    AIM- geo1971oh


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